Water vortexes - how they are constructed and what they do

Water vortexes are recommended in many places for water revitalization. How they work, which mode of action is behind it, and which different forms of water vortexing are there, is explained in detail in this article.


Behind the technique of water turbulence is not a chemical or physical principle, but an esoteric. The swirling of water is to give the supposedly "dead tap" life again and give it back its natural energy.

A physical or chemical change of the water does not take place. The water revival does not produce measurable physical results. The measurable water parameters do not change.

The technique of water turbulence is just one application of water revitalization. In addition, there are a few other approaches that also reflect the water's natural energy. Some water swirlers also combine several of these approaches.

Water turbulence for the faucet

Swirl attachments, which are simply screwed on faucet, shower or bath inlet, there are already from 30 to 40 EUR to buy in the trade. As a rule, they have a swirling spiral inside, which causes the water to spin.

According to the esoteric view, it is sufficient to turn the water in a fast turn to give it its natural energy. By chemically processing the water and pressing it into dark lines at high pressure, the energy of the water is lost and its "memory" is extinguished.

Natural spring water, on the other hand, still has its natural energy. Even homeopathy is based fundamentally on this theory of "water memory".

Combined swirlers

Since some esotericists believe that energized water can also liven up other water, many water swirlers often also contain a vial that contains Grander water or other energized water. It should give off its energy to the tap water as it flows past and thus additionally energize.

In some cases, minerals - often in glass vials - are incorporated into the swirler. Minerals store esoteric view of the natural order and can also give it to the passing water and thereby change it. That minerals like rose quartz or rock crystal have to be "charged" in the sun, and they should be rinsed regularly with clear water, at least ignore the manufacturers of such combination devices.

Whirling by hand

For very small amounts also stirring spoons are offered, with which one can swirl his drinking water in the glass or in the pot. It only has to be stirred for a while in the prescribed manner, so that the water is energized again. Shaking between two connected bottles is also recommended in some cases.

Tips & Tricks

Some people think that there is a difference in taste between "living" and "dead" water. Attempt is wise here.

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