Remove water stains from wood

A glass of water without a saucer, an open window in the rain or wet hands - the reasons for water stains on wood are many. Less effective are the effective cleaning methods.

These remedies help with water spots on wood

  • Light cooking oil mixed with salt
  • white (!) toothpaste (for even better effect mixed with baking soda)
  • white spirit
  • bleach

Step by step instructions for removing water marks from wood

  • Toothpaste and baking soda or cooking oil and salt
  • Furniture polish or detergent
  • Oil or sealer for after-treatment
  • a spoon
  • a soft rag

1. Mix the agent

Mix olive oil or sunflower oil with some fine salt to a creamy mass. If you want to use toothpaste and baking soda instead, put these two ingredients in a small container and mix the mixture. Again, attention should be paid to a creamy consistency.

Only use completely white toothpaste and light cooking oil to avoid discolouration!

2. Test means!

No matter which products you choose to clean your furniture, you should always start with it in an inconspicuous place, e.g. the inner edge of your wooden table, test! Not every wood tolerates toothpaste or even bleach. Permanent discoloration can be the result, which can often be removed only by grinding.

3. Apply agent

Using a spoon, smear the mass on the stain on your wooden table or similar and press it well. Then rub the stain from the outside to the inside with the aid of a cloth.

4. Clean

Rub until the stain disappears and then carefully remove the mass with the cloth.

Then clean your wooden piece of furniture with a piece of furniture polish or (with less sensitive wood) with a little warm water and detergent to remove toothpaste and oil residue.

5. Post-treatment

To prevent such mishaps in the future, you could then seal or oil your wood so that water bubbles off and has no chance of staining. You can read about how to do this here.

What if that does not help?

If the stain can not be removed with any of the above stain removers, you may try as a last resort to completely oil the wood surface. Sometimes the stain disappears.

If that does not help, you only have to sand it down.

Tips & Tricks

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