Water stains on the ceramic field?

Also on the best maintained Ceranfeld water spots can arise. What happens and how to remove these stains can be found here. In addition, what other causes such spots may have.

lime stains

After cleaning the ceramic hob some moisture may remain. The moisture evaporates, but the lime components dissolved in the water remain on the surface and burn up over time. It creates streaks and stains.

In some cases, the whitish patches may also be residues of a cleaning agent that have burned in.


All limescale-containing dirt and stains can be easily removed with special Ceranfeldreinigern. Alternatively, it is also possible to proceed with home remedies against the stains. A halved lemon or some vinegar help to remove calcareous soiling, they only have to act a little (about 30 minutes).

Tips & Tricks

Noticeable soiling and roughness on the surface can always be removed well with the Ceranfeldschaber. Make sure to be careful, otherwise there will be scratches.

Video Board: How to Easily Remove Water Stains from Reptile Enclosures