Remove water stains

Water can not only clean, but also make extremely stubborn stains: Especially lime water can leave behind on the sofa, the carpet or even a fancy garment after drying ugly edges. But here, too, there are parktische home remedies that work wonders.

These home remedies work against water spots on fabrics and upholstery

  • glass cleaner
  • (Fine) detergent liquor
  • Clear cleaner for the dishwasher
  • Vinegar, vinegar cleaner or vinegar essence
  • glycerin
  • stain remover

Water spots are actually lime spots. Therefore, any products that are resistant to limescale, e.g. be used on glass surfaces or the like, even with substances remedy. However, you should not use aggressive bathroom cleaners on sensitive fabrics.

Instructions for removing water stains from upholstery or carpets

  • a brush
  • absorbent cloths
  • duty detergent

1. Brush in the lye

Mix some warm water with mild detergent to a soapy solution. Put a sip of detergent lye on the water stain on the upholstery or carpet and brush it well into the stain. Work generously beyond the edge of the stain.

It is best if you soap the entire surface of your piece of furniture in order to achieve a large, uniform cleanliness.

2. Allow to act

Let the lye work for 30 minutes and wet your carpet or piece of furniture occasionally with water to prevent the edges from drying.

3. Absorb liquid

In order to prevent too much liquid from entering your couch, carpet or similar, you should finally use a dry cloth to absorb as much of the liquid as possible.

The final treatment with a steam cleaner is also useful. Again, it is advisable to then suck with a cloth, the water from the upholstery / carpet.

Then let your furniture / carpet dry well.

Instructions for removing water stains on a garment

  • Detergent, glass cleaner or clear cleaner for the dishwasher

1. Test compatibility

If you choose one of the two more aggressive cleaners, you should first test how it reacts to the product in a slightly visible area of ​​your garment. Apply a few drops to a cotton swab and dab your garment with a hem or similar. If the cotton swab turns, you should not use this product.

2. Soak the stain

Mix some detergent (preferably delicate detergent for delicate fabrics) or clear cleaner or glass cleaner with warm water and place your garment or stained area in the lye.

Let it soak for at least 30 minutes.

3. Wash out

If the garment is washable, then put it in the washing machine, if not wash it carefully by hand.

Tips & Tricks

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