Water swirling - how does that work, and what does that help?

In esoteric circles, water is said to have a "memory" and its own inherent energy. By treating the drinking water as tap water this energy should be lost. By vortexing the water it is allegedly stimulated again. What else should be known about water turbulence and water revitalization, and how to perform it explains in detail this post.

Alleged properties of water

In the field of the esoteric and in many cases also in the naturopathy water is regarded as "alive". It has a natural energy, which can also have a healing effect, and a "memory".

Even in homeopathy is assumed by a storage power of pure water for information. Physically and chemically, however, none of the stated properties can be clearly demonstrated. Indications of the possible correctness of the homeopathic theory but there are now also from classical physics.

"Dead" water

Tap water is in the esoteric view "dead" water. It is pressed under high pressure through dark pipes, chemically altered and stored in storage tanks or inside the house installation for a long time.

In order to restore it to its natural energy, it is enough, according to the esoteric view, to get it moving again, as it also pervades and flows in nature and thus gains its energy.

Possibilities of turbulence

The whirling can be done simply by stirring with a special spoon, which is immersed in the water. He makes the water in a spiral movement and animates it so.

There are also connectors for two bottles, between which you can shake the water back and forth and put it in motion. One full and one empty bottle are placed on top of each other using the connector and the water is then shaken from one bottle to the other for a few minutes.

Swirl attachments are also available for the faucet, the shower and the bathtub tap. These attachments can simply be screwed on, causing the water inside to swirl.

Tips & Tricks

In many cases, water swirlers for screwing on are also provided with further activation methods, such as quartz crystals in the interior.

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