The house water plant does not switch off

A domestic waterworks offers a lot of comfort. You can remove water from the pipe system at any time without worrying about the production. But it always comes back to malfunction in domestic waterworks. A relatively common problem is to determine if the house water system does not turn off. Below we have put together a guide how you can proceed if the house water works does not turn off.

The domestic waterworks for the alternative water supply

A domestic waterworks will be used to provide an alternative to, or instead of, regular water supply via the public network. Especially the irrigation of a garden is significantly cheaper with well water or collected rainwater and also protects the environment. The function of the domestic waterworks is very simple.

Working principle of the domestic waterworks

The water is sucked in by a pump and pumped into a 2-part pressure vessel. Both parts are separated by a membrane. In the hermetically sealed chamber is nitrogen or oxygen. If the pump now pumps water into the other chamber, the membrane expands accordingly and compresses the gas. A pressure switch detects the pressure. At a set minimum pressure, the pump switches on, with a maximum pressure installed.

Possible causes if the house water system does not switch off

However, if the domestic water supply stops switching off, there may be different causes:

  • faulty pressure switch or pressure switch
  • wrongly set pressure switch or pressure switch (when reinstalling)
  • the support line is too deep
  • the delivery line is not tight

Wrong pressure on the pressure switch set

You must replace a faulty pressure switch. But first you exclude the other options. When reconnecting, you must first set the form of the domestic waterworks. Instructions can be found by following this link. If this is set too high, the pump will not be able to build up the necessary pressure.

This is especially the case with delivery lines that reach deep into the ground. Here you must bewitch the higher water column that the pump can pump. If the pump fails to deliver faster than the pressure is set, it will never reach that point. This is also the same reason why a pump does not switch off at a domestic waterworks, whose delivery or suction line is leaking and drawing air.

The delivery line draws air

So you also have to check the complete line. In particular, if you have reinstalled the house water system or made repairs where you had to open the lines to the pump. In rare cases, the problem can also be found at the foot valve of the Sauleitung.

A partially clogged strainer

Here is a sieve that the pump can not suck in too coarse dirt particles. Under certain circumstances, the sieve in the foot filter is at least partially blocked. Then, although still water is pumped, but the pump can not reach the preset pressure because of the plus in additionally required flow.

Tips & Tricks

Do not confuse the domestic water machine with a domestic waterworks. These have a completely different mode of action. Learn more about how a domestic water boiler works here.

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