Empty waterbed - That's how it's done

You have a waterbed and want to move? Or you have to move it for other reasons? Then you first have to drain all the water.
How to empty your waterbed yourself, we explain in the following step by step.

A waterbed should never be moved with water inside. It is not that difficult to let out the water.

Step by step instructions for emptying a waterbed

  • Vacuum pump
  • possibly two vessels to catch the water

1. Clean the waterbed

If you are moving or planning to pack the waterbed, it is important to clean the waterbed before emptying it. This will prevent sand grains or dirt from rubbing against the vinyl surface during assembly and possibly damaging them.

2.Take off the power supply from the mains

It is very important that you do not forget to disconnect the heating from the mains before draining the water! If you do not, the waterbed can be damaged by overheating.

3. Remove blankets, sheets etc. from the bed

Eliminate everything that is on the bed. The waterbed will sink in when the water runs out and so does everything on it.

4. Disinfect hoses and pump

It is extremely important that no germs or dirt gets into the mattress, otherwise bacteria form in the waterbed. This can lead to the production of oxygen, whereupon you have to vent your waterbed and in the worst case, the water can tip over. Therefore, you must clean and disinfect all devices that come in contact with the waterbed neatly before pumping.

5. Pump off water

Pull out the filler neck and open the valve. Then connect the pump to the mattress. Make sure everything is well connected so that you do not run into water when you start the pump!

Now pump all water off. Of course, if the hose is enough, it is best to let the water flow directly into a drain. If it is insufficient, you should use two vessels that are not too large, e.g. Buckets, work that you alternately fill and empty.

With the vacuum pump, almost all water is removed from the mattress. It is important to completely empty the water core. There must be no air. For one, the waterbed takes away so less space, on the other hand so can the nonwovens, which provide the reassurance, not slip. Do not lift the corners and edges to help with pumping! This could lead to slipping of the nonwovens.

6. Refill after the move

How to refill your waterbed after the move, we explain here.

Moving services

If you do not want to empty your waterbed yourself, you can also book a removal service. Many waterbed retailers also offer removals. Then let them drain the water core. This has the advantage that you can concentrate on other things. However, such a removal service costs depending on the distance to be traveled 100 to 200 €.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not want to buy a water pump just for this one time, you can also borrow the pump. In a waterbed shop you will find pumps for hire.

Video Board: How To Drain a Waterbed With a Hose and Whitout a Pump Softside Waterbed Mattress