Waterproof basement windows: tips to buy

Basement windows, which are waterproof, are special windows for special applications. Where you find use, where they make sense and what else there is to know about waterproof basement windows, you can find out here.

Are not all windows waterproof?

No they are not. Although they protect - of course - against rain and other Wetterunbilden, but not against pressurized water - such as in floods.

For this very purpose waterproof basement windows are also designed - as a flood protection measure to prevent the occurrence of pressurized water through the basement windows in the event of a flood.

Waterproof basement windows: tips to buy: tips

Of course, this is not enough as a sole protective measure to protect the basement against floods. Flood protection in buildings is a comprehensive measure that requires several steps and must be planned carefully and professionally. Waterproof basement windows can be part of the protection plan.

Some manufacturers - such as Hain - also offer such flood protection windows as extremely heat-insulating windows, and thus offer an added benefit. Especially in terms of price, you have to make friends with the fact that waterproof basement windows are significantly more expensive than ordinary standard windows.

In order to avoid having to replace existing windows, in some cases, so-called auxiliary lenses are also available, which are simply mounted on the existing windows. In many cases, that's enough.

Another type of flood protection can also be to protect the light wells - by watertight execution and installation and a correspondingly executed cover can not get any water to the basement windows.

That way you can save costs

First and foremost, you should clarify with experts what measures are necessary and sensible in your house. In any case, waterproof basement windows are not enough to provide comprehensive flood protection, and in some cases you may even become redundant - for example, if the light wells are secured accordingly.

In many cases, you can also upgrade your existing windows much more easily and cost-effectively with still very reliable working front lenses instead of completely exchanging windows. And the combination of standard window attachment lens can be the cheaper solution in some cases.

Tips & Tricks

Before taking any action, you should always have an effective and peer-reviewed overall plan. Certainly, waterproof basement windows alone will not protect you enough when it comes to the dangers of pressurized water.

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