Impregnation for patio tiles - it's so easy to apply

Even without further technical assistance, the layman can maintain and impregnate his patio tiles. Before that, however, the surface of the plates must be thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned. Only then can the impregnation really make sense.

Young or old - all terrace tiles can be impregnated

An impregnation can be applied not only on freshly laid patio tiles, but also on older panels. Here, however, must first take a thorough cleaning.

The right product for the particular stone

The impregnation itself should match the material of the patio tiles. If you have laid a natural stone on the terrace, this requires a different impregnation than a concrete patio slab. Also granite or shale again require different substances to stay beautiful for a long time.

Step by step impregnate the patio tiles

But before you work on instructions for instructions with chemical substances on precious plates, you should try this in as invisible as possible. So you can find out the optimal dosage for the cleaning.

  • cleaning supplies
  • impregnation
  • water
  • Roughly broom
  • scrubbing brush
  • Pressure sprayer
  • garden hose
  • High pressure cleaner - optional
  • safety goggles
  • gloves
  • rubber boots

1. Sweeping the terrace area

This note may sound superfluous, but it is important to sweep the area thoroughly before starting work. Then rinse with water. Who has, can already perform a solid basic cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner.

2. Cover metal parts

Most stone cleaners contain acids. Therefore, it is important to cover all metal parts of the environment. You should also protect the windows and their frames from the agent.

3. Mix cleaner and self-protection

All cleaners that are available for this purpose must first be diluted. To do this, fill in the cleaner according to the manufacturer's instructions in the pressure washer and dilute with water. As I said, these cleaners are acidic. Therefore, it is important to protect your eyes and hands.

4. Observe exposure time as specified

Depending on whether you have purchased an acidic or an alkaline cleaner, it may take some time before you can start cleaning it. Then work the remedy well with a scrubber.

5. Rinse thoroughly

After cleaning, rinse the decking plates thoroughly. You should not save with water and possibly try again the high-pressure cleaner.

6. Apply impregnation

The terrace tiles must first be thoroughly dry for a few days before you can apply the impregnation. If you want to use the same pressure sprayer for impregnation, you must rinse it several times with water.

Now pour the impregnation undiluted into the pressure sprayer and spray the surface as evenly as possible. Some impregnations should be applied with a roller. Then work the plate rows one by one.

Tips & Tricks

Also, before starting any work, put all plants and garden furniture far out of reach. The garden furniture can stain both the detergent and the impregnation if they remain nearby.

Video Board: Applying STAIN-PROOF™ Original on a Marble Patio