Hydrophobization of masonry - the cost

As the term suggests, hydrophobing is nothing more than waterproofing masonry. The cost of waterproofing masonry and facades are well below those of a facade renovation. Nevertheless, they are not to be underestimated.

Typical damage to masonry and facades due to moisture

External masonry and facades are exposed to the weather all year round. There are also other environmental influences. However, the biggest problem is wetness. Depending on the damage pattern, the following picture may appear on masonry or on a façade:

  • Frost cracks
  • porous masonry and porous joints
  • in the consequence Moose and lichens
  • molds

Siloxanes for the waterproofing of masonry and facades

To counteract this, it makes sense to make a hydrophobing at long intervals. These are so-called siloxanes, which are preferably used today. The agent consists of water-repellent and water-attracting molecules.

As a result, the agent can adhere to the masonry. Siloxanes are available for all endangered types of masonry and facades such as concrete, clinker or natural stone. If the agent is applied, the masonry becomes water repellent.

In addition, the funds offered contain other ingredients such as biocides against mosses and lichens and fungicides against molds. In principle, it is therefore an all-round protection for your masonry or your facade.

The cost of the siloxane for hydrophobing

The cost per liter is between 5 and 20 euros. How much the hydrophobing costs, depends ultimately on how much of it per square meter must be sprayed. On average, you can expect about half a liter per square meter.

Cost of the craft business for water repellency

It is always advisable to hire a specialist company to do the hydrophobing. Applying too much of the agent can cause shiny spots. Too little of this prevents efficient hydrophobing, so misses the effect.

As a rule, water repellency is calculated on the basis of square meters. Here you should expect to spend around 5 euros per square meter if the masonry or the façade is so good and no preparatory measures such as minor repairs have to be carried out.

Do not forget any additional costs

In particular, in the case of multi-storey buildings, if no complete price has been agreed or the company has no scaffolding, nor can the rental costs be added. In total, with an area of ​​around 100 square meters, Se can assume that the hydrophobing will cost around 1,500 euros.

Tips & Tricks

Although the cost estimate may seem quite high for you - in contrast to the refurbishment of, for example, a clinker facade, the costs are relatively low and protect you from this need for refurbishment. The protection then exists for high quality products around ten years.

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