Sealing of buildings with epoxy resin

Especially with older houses, the moisture from the ground is a troublesome problem. The floor construction begins to rot if it is made of wood. For a concrete floor, the entire rooms are damp and smell moldy. Therefore, today such floors are often sealed with epoxy resin.

Prevent expensive renovation

Moisture causes expensive damage to the building fabric. In addition, the comfort and especially the health suffer because the result of moisture is very often harmful mold. The solution to the problem is sealing with epoxy resin. The viscous substance penetrates into every pore and makes the substrate absolutely waterproof.

At the same time it is possible to lay a floor covering, even if the bottom plate or the screed is not completely dried out. Especially if laminate or parquet is to be laid on a difficult or inferior concrete floor, sealing with epoxy resin is the perfect solution and also shortens the construction time.

Video Board: Applying a Fiberglass Epoxy Seal (Ep 10 - Cedar Strip Canoe Build)