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  • Gas barbecues are single- or multi-burner barbecues commonly used with common gas cylinders, such as those used in camping. If the gas cylinder is empty, you can exchange it at the hardware store for a full one. You only pay for the gas filling.
  • Gas grills emit the grilled food directly or indirectly from the flame, so that, depending on the taste, the meat or vegetables are vigorously and hotly grilled, or cooked gently with smaller heat.
  • Weber gas grills provide even heating of the food by covering the grill area - making it suitable for barbecues even when the weather is on the less sunny side.

Weber gas grill comparison 2018: comparison

1. Summer time is barbecue time - but also spring, autumn and winter!

For many, summer is inextricably linked to nice barbecues or afternoons, whether with friends or family, whether in small groups or as a big event. Only very few can pass unaffected when it smells of fresh charcoal, meat, aubergines, onions or barbecue cheese from the neighboring garden or on the riverbank.

What fun and fun in good weather is for the others healthy, fat-free preparation of meat, fish or vegetables, So it becomes less and less important what the weather is outside, or even what season we have. Barbecues always go! Professionals and serious hobbyists then often opt for a gas grill from Weber.

That has good reasons. If you are considering for the first time a sturdy and durable barbecue - who plans not to buy a disposable grill from the supermarket or a cheap barbecue from the hardware store, but a grill that will accompany him throughout his life, he is facing a big decision, Not only the variety of providers, already the different methods to grill require careful consideration. These are the pros and cons of a gas grill:

  • no smoke and no dirt
  • Temperature adjustable
  • also suitable for very long cooking times
  • easy control over soot and the degree of cooking of the meat
  • Always ready to use
  • slender, fat-free enjoyment
  • Taste of fire and smoke, the charcoal, only weakly present
  • The smell typical of many barbecue lovers is missing

2. The different grill methods at a glance

2.1. gas Grill

For many, the gas grill is the perfect combination of grill character with convenient preparation. The meat is grilled over the flame, but always in a clean and smoke and soot-free environment.

Gas grills are ready to use. Turn on the gas cylinder and light the barbecue - you will not have to do anything more. So a flame comes to the grill, without having to preheat cumbersome. Gas grills are usually dismantledso that they can be cleaned easily, conveniently and thoroughly.

2.2. Weber gas grill

Weber gas grill comparison 2018: grill

weaver Baby Q 100 - the entry-level grill - for barbecue fun in a small space.

A special feature of gas grills is the design, as it also applies to Weber gas grills application. Here you can swing over the grate surface a hinged coverwhich protects the food from dirt or insects or from rain.

The cover allows uniform heating from all sides and also offers some protection against burns when, for example, children play around the grill.

2.3. charcoal grill

Purists swear by real fire. Soot, smoke, dirt and the elaborate preparation are secondary, if there are naturally cooked meat or vegetables. For many, therefore, only wood or charcoal comes into question when grilling, This type of grilling with charcoal, however, has come into disrepute since soot and charred are suspected to be harmful to health.

2.4. electric grill

The cleanest option when it comes to grilling meat are the electric grills. They can be used anywhere where there is electricityand they are ready to use right when you need them.

They are usually easy to clean, some models can even handle the dishwasher. Nevertheless, electric grills are not very common, because they are actually not a real grill method, but come closer to the roast in the pan.

2.5. Contact Grill

A special form of electric grill is the contact grill, in which the food from the top and bottom has contact with the hot grill plate. With this method, the grill time is halved. The grill master, who has to constantly take care that the food is turned over in time, is not necessary with the contact grill.

Another advantage: This grill can also be used within your own four walls. However, it is like the simple electric grill: Actually, this method is not a real barbecue. Following a table of different Weber gas grill models:


Weber gas grill Q series

Weber gas grill comparison 2018: grill

Weber Q 1200 MaroonWeber's Q models are the most popular models from Weber. In various sizes, the Q-devices are available as a stand and as a table gas grill.

Weber Gas Grill Genesis

Weber gas grill comparison 2018: comparison

Weber Gas Grill Genesis II E-310 GBSThe Genesis series is the most versatile series of Weber grills.

Weber Gas Grill Spirit

Weber gas grill comparison 2018: comparison

Weber Gas Grill Spirit E 320 OriginalThe Weber Gas Grill Spirit is a barbeque with either two or three burners

Weber gas grill stainless steel

Weber gas grill comparison 2018: comparison

Weber SummitS670 GBS stainless steelWeber grills are always available in a stainless steel version - this is durable, stable and weatherproof.

Weber Gas Grill Summit

Weber gas grill comparison 2018: Weber

Weber Summit S470 GBS BlackThe Summit range has been designed for true barbecue luxury. With up to six burners and 2000 watts of power, the Summit is the ultimate gas grill.

3. Using the Weber gas grill - this is how you do it!

3.1. The right treatment of meat, fish and vegetables

  • Direct or indirect heat? Decide whether your food is to be sautéed on the surface or gently cared for indirectly.
  • Preheat the grill by switching on all burners at the same time for a few minutes.
  • Adjust the heat that the grill recipe has recommended as the ideal temperature.
  • Depending on the grill method, place the food over or next to the hot flame.
  • Then close the lid and keep it closed - open it only to turn the food around, or if you want to see if your food is cooked.

Weber gas grill comparison 2018: Weber

Weber covers protect the grill and look great.

Whether meat or fish, vegetables or cheese: Every food has special propertiesthat are emphasized when grilling - if you do it right. Do the Weber gas grill test!

  • Meat remains juicy, if you close the pores quickly by sharp heat. Naturally occurring sugar caramelized on the surface. This creates the special flavors that can only be produced by grilling.
  • Vegetables should not be grilled too hotso that the structure is not destroyed.
  • The Steak is the culmination of barbecue art, To ensure that it cooks evenly, it is recommended that you remove the meat from the fridge beforehand so that it has room or outside temperature. At about 250° C it is roasted all over the flame, then cooked next to the flame at about 150° C until it meets your taste.

Professional barbecuing needs to be learned, Try out what tastes best for you. The Weber grill recipes help you with the first orientation. Take the Weber gas grill test and try out what you can do best.

To become a master or master at the grill, we recommend you one Weber grill Course in the Weber Grill Academy Over 100 locations ensure that you, too, find a course nearby where you'll be trained to become a real barbecue hero in four to five hours.

Are you looking for an alternative to the Weber Grill Academy?The cooking agency of Michael Ritter offers cooking classes, event cooking and grill training with the certificate of the Weber Grill Academy.

3.2. The right tool - this is how to secure your success on the grill

Weber gas grill in the test of the Stiftung Warentest
Gas and charcoal grills were tested in the 06/2014 edition, and the Weber gas grill won the test. The Weber gas grill Spirit E-320 Classic was able to place himself with the test grade "good" in front of all competitors.

With the Weber gas grill accessories, you have the right tool at hand right from the start. In the three-piece Weber barbecue cutlery, you get barbecue tongs, meat fork and a turner.

The tongs are indispensable for bratwursts of all kinds, but also skewers and kebabs. Use the turner for delicate and fragile food such as fish and some vegetables.

Even if meat adheres to the grill, the turner is used. Steaks, schnitzels, chops and fillets are turned with a fork. If you want to check whether the meat is cooked inside, a small piekser with the meat fork is sufficient.

How long do I have to pre-heat my Weber gas grill?If you want to prepare your grill grate optimally, preheat the grill with the lid closed for 10-15 minutes.

3.3. cleaning

Professional tip: Cleaning the grill grate
Remove glued remainders of the food from the grill and close the lid. Weber gas grill to run at full power. When it stops smoking, open the lid again. Brush off the grill with the Weber grill brush.

If you want to clean the Weber gas grill, remove the grill grate. You can wash these separately. Wipe the grill pan. Do not worry about using water when cleaning, the Weber grill is waterproof.

3.4. Spare parts and additional equipment for the Weber gas grill

If necessary, you can reorder replacement parts for your Weber gas grill at any time. From the thermostat to the hose, pressure reducer, Weber grill and knob you will get replacement for every component you want to exchange.

Where your model allows, you can grill the one Grill motor inflict. And for times when the grill is not used, you get one cover in different colors.

3.5. What else is there from Weber

Weber gas grill comparison 2018: Weber

With the Weber grill brush the right cleaning is guaranteed.

In addition to the Weber gas grill, Weber charcoal grills and electric grills are also available. Take a look at the online shop and find out which barbecue method suits you best.

4. Buy a Weber gas grill - the right one for your personal taste

Do you just barbecue for yourself and your family, or would you rather invite your bowling club to barbecue? If you want to buy a Weber gas grill, choose the right grill size (cm), choose the right number of burners.

With the size of the grill usually increases the number of burners. Also the material is important: Stainless steel looks great and gives even after years the impression of superior quality and workmanship.

It may also be important for you, what power (watts) the grill produces - depending on what you would like to grill. The Weber Gas Grill Summit can deliver 2000 watts of power. This is equivalent to about half the heat in a household oven that runs at full power. Do you want to buy the Weber gas grill cheap?

For online shopping - you may be looking for Weber grills and Weber grill spare parts - visit the Weber store page. For the Weber gas grill comparison, for the best Weber gas grill and for the best offers you are right there. Now that you have read our guidebook, nothing stands in the way of your barbecue pleasure.

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