Wedding gift: champagne flutes

Wedding gift: engrave champagne flutes

Wedding gift: champagne flutes: champagne

Individualize two champagne flutes for the bride and groom, so that they can toast stylishly. Use your Dremel® Engraver to draw the first letter of the first name on the respective glass and cover the feet with sparkling gemstones. This personal gift will always remind the bridal couple of this special day! Use the articles below to turn simple champagne glasses into first-class wedding gifts!

material list

  • Dremel® Engraver
  • Diamond engraving point 9929
  • champagne flutes
  • paper
  • pen
  • duct tape
  • Swarovski crystals and glass beads or similar

    Wedding gift: champagne flutes: flutes

Engrave champagne glasses: Step 1

Draw a letter on paper or print beautiful letters. Glue the used letter into the goblet. Carefully engrave the outline of the letter with the Dremel Engraver (interchangeable diamond engraving point) on the chalice.

Wedding gift: champagne flutes: flutes

Engrave champagne glasses: Step 2

Remove the paper from the goblet. Fill in the outline with the side of the diamond engraving point. Blow off any dust immediately. It is very important that you wear protective goggles so that no dust gets in your eyes.

Engrave champagne glasses: Step 3

Wedding gift: champagne flutes: champagne

Cut out an oval piece of paper and glue it behind the letter. Now follow the oval outline with the Engraver.

Engrave champagne glasses: step 4

Wedding gift: champagne flutes: wedding

Glue glass beads or Swarovski crystals to the base of the cup with a special glass adhesive.

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