Weed Fleece Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the weed fleece comparison or test 2018

  • The weed fleece is an aid in gardening that is laid out on beds or paths and prevents the growth of weeds.
  • Due to its solid structure, it shields offspring from the sun's rays, but at the same time lets water through to supply the soil.
  • The desired commercial and ornamental plants can grow unhindered by a cross-cut in the fleece.

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: fleece

The pride of hobby and professional gardeners are lush flowerbeds with healthy flowers and plants. This is often the result of hard work, because the ornamental and useful plants we value compete with weeds for light and nutrients on the bed.

A great help in the fight against unwelcome co-growth find gardeners in the weed fleece. It removes sunlight from the weeds and, in contrast to chemical pesticides, is completely harmless to health.

As a result, weed fleeces are a sensible alternative to the 500 tonnes of pesticides and herbicides that are distributed annually in German gardens, also with regard to the health of humans and the environment. (Information from the Federal Government for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany)

1. Remove the food from the weeds: This is how a weed fleece works

Weed not only disturbs the sight of well-kept garden beds, it takes the floor also nutrientthat could otherwise use commercial or ornamental plants. The basic principle of the weed barrier is to remove unwanted bedding from the supply of sunlight and thus to prevent its growth.

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: comparison

Weeds can also become a nuisance on stone paths.

The fleece is one densely woven netwhich is unrolled on the area concerned. There where desired flowers and plants grow, the fleece becomes with a Cross-stitch severedso that the crop passes through. In all other places the weed fleece forms one Barrier to sunlight and thus prevents sprouting weeds from sprouting. However, the network is permeable to water and thus ensures the supply of bedding plants with nutrients.

With this versatile aid for gardeners still leave a number other substrates weed-free, including the following:

  • stone paths
  • terraces
  • stone beds
  • sandboxes

The following applies: With thick fleece one speaks of a high grammage (weight per square meter). The higher this value, the more effective the fleece is in controlling weeds.

Advantages and disadvantages of the weed fleece

  • Preventive: inhibits the growth of weeds
  • works environmentally friendly: without chemicals
  • long term: lasting for several years
  • acts specifically: ensures supply of water and light for desired plants
  • is time-consuming: laying down takes effort and requires planning

2. How to find the best weed fleece

There are remarkable differences between the products of the various manufacturers of weed fleeces, for example in terms of effectiveness and durability. Before we explain these factors in more detail, we would like to give you an overview of the purchase criteria.


Action against weeds

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: fleece

depending on the grammage

high values ​​ensure high effectiveness


Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: comparison

depending on the product 1 to 4 years

long life saves frequent replacement

Water permeability

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: fleece

of the grammage pending

low values ​​ensure good permeability

2.1. Action against weeds

The thicker the weed fleece in the profile, the less sun rays can penetrate it and the more effective it is against the growth of weeds.

A fleece with a high grammage brings but also one lower oxygen permeability with himself. However, this is necessary to allow microorganisms to form under the web which promote the growth of the desired plants. A very thick fleece is suitable therefore, especially for stone pathsunder which any growth is to be prevented.

2.2. durability

A very durable weed fleece with a lifespan of three to four years is usually reflected in a relatively high price. Therefore, you should weigh whether you have the extra effort want to accept the one cheap weed fleece entails: Such products have to be replaced every one to two years. But if you anyway every year, for example To grow a different type of vegetables, a less durable nonwoven is not a disadvantage.

2.3. Water permeability

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: 2018

A good weed fleece allows water to reach the ground.

Successful gardening naturally depends on the irrigation of the plants. A weed fleece with a high grammage is particularly strong woven and thus difficult to penetrate not only for light, but also for water. A high water permeability prevents too waterlogging on the fleece, the to Contribute to mold growth can. Therefore, the choice of the right fleece always focuses on the question:

With what grammage do I reach that the wild growth is taken from the light, but enough water arrives on the bed?

In the following overview you can read about the best weight per square meter for which applications:


50 gsm

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: 2018

The most common fleece thickness in the trade for gardening. It is suitable for changing crops and for beds with a slight weed infestation.

100 g / m²

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: fleece

A good choice for those who have been struggling with medium-sized weeds for quite some time and now want to be on the safe side. It is suitable for commercial and ornamental plants alike.

150 gsm

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: 2018

This fleece is very tear-resistant and long-lasting. It can therefore also be used on heavily used surfaces such as stone and gravel paths.

300 gsm

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: comparison

The extra tear-resistant under the weed locks. Here comes for many years no herb. Neither the garden rake on the bed for crops nor the tires of heavy cars on the way do anything to the fleece.

3. Custom work: determine the right size

As you can see from the product table above, weeds are available in very different sizes. This information will help you to figure out which product best suits your flowerbed or how many packs you may need to buy to cover everything.

The dimensions are usually in the format Length x width = area.

For example, you can cover a total of 12 m² with a 24 x 0.5 m fleece. Take note of the calculation the required fleece size, that it is advisable, the non-woven pieces not coherently to each other, but they slightly overlap allow. Ideal are approx. 10 centimeters Overlap.

4. Lay the weed fleece

With the following step sequence you are on the safe side with weed fleece laying:

  1. Free and smooth the surface of stones and debris. First of all, remove all weeds with roots.
  2. Lay out the fleece in layers, leaving a protrusion of approx. 10 cm.
  3. Cut the fleece where you want to grow plants with a cross stitch.
  4. Fix the fleece at the corners with barbs or heavy stones.
  5. Sprinkle the fleece with some earth, mulch or pebbles.

Tip: On sloping beds and sloping paths, a separate safeguard for the weed fleece makes sense. Fix the fleece with hooks, which are also referred to as ground anchors.

If you are looking for more detailed instructions, we recommend the following video, which shows how a bed is planted and provided with a weed fleece:

5. The right accessories for the weed fleece

Weed - pure matter of opinion

The classification of plants as weeds does not follow strict rules. Rather, everything falls into this category, which gardeners find in the care of their ornamental and useful plants as disturbing. Therefore, attributions as weeds may change over time, and plants may lose that status if a new zeitgeist picks up something useful or beautiful.

Experienced gardeners know that there is more than one way to get rid of unwelcome growth on their discounts. Here are a few more highly effective representatives of weed killing:

The weed burnerheats dandelion and Co. powerfully. A gas flame destroys the structure of plants and thus fights them without the use of chemicals.

The weed cutter works purposefully: The herb is gripped at the root and removed along with its subterranean outgrowths via a telescopic rod.

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: fleece

Biodegradable weed killers from Neudorff.

The scarifier is a device for loosening and aerating the soil. He removes moss and other unpleasant fouling that still needs to be collected.

The weed killer is usually a chemical that is added to the bed in liquid form or as granules and kills the weeds. This pollutes the groundwater. Environmentally conscious gardeners alternatively choose biodegradable weed killers.

6. Questions and answers about weed fleece

6.1. Weed fleece or foil?

Who deals with the various methods of weed killing, quickly encounters a number of similar-sounding terms:

Garden fleece, mulch fleece, weed foil and mulch fleece all mean the same thing. The only difference is the material: foil is made of polypropylene and fleece made of wool fibers.

It makes no difference to your buying decision whether you choose a product called weed foil or nonwoven. Colloquially, by the way, the spelling "weed tiles" is used.

6.2. Do I still need to cover the weed fleece?

In principle, this decision is at your discretion. There are primarily aesthetic reasons to cover the weed fleece: In crops is often on one Cover omittedbecause the focus is not on the sight of the bed, but on the quality of the vegetables.

On discounts and in rockeries, on the other hand, the gardener is looking for an appealing look. Here is the weed fleece with something Mulch, gravel or a layer Earth covered and thus removed from the viewer's gaze. Incidentally, mulch and gravel have a similar shielding effect on weeds, as they block sunlight, and can thus increase the weed-preventing effect of the weed fleece.

6.3. Can I make a weed killer by myself?

Weed Fleece Comparison 2018: comparison

It is considered a weed, but helps against other species: the nettle.

If you decide against a weed fleece in some places in your garden, you can take action there against the unloved co-growth in another way. The following natural weed killer can be easily made by yourself:

nettle liquid manure

Put on garden gloves and collect stinging nettles. These then come in a bucket and are mixed with water. Let them Blend seven to ten days stand long. After that, you can spread the nettles on the ground - there will be no more weeds growing there. Attention: The odor can very uncomfortable his.

Further tips for controlling weeds without chemicals can be found here:

6.4. What helps against greed?

The difficulty with Giersch removing is the root system of the plant. When trying to pull the yaw completely out of the ground, stay mostly root fragments back, because they are unstable and tear off easily.

The removal of Giersch is therefore associated with much effort. The most efficient way is to kill one of the weeds digging fork But if you use it to dig through the soil with rotating movements, that remains Root system in the tines hang the fork.

But there is also a very practical solution to the Giersch problem: if you notice that you can not get rid of the weed, then take advantage of it. Giersch is a little-known, but with its parsley-like aroma very tasty Ingredient for salads and hot food. This makes the weed a delicious ingredient in the wild herbs category. Here you will find a number of Recipes with greed:

  • Ravioli with wild herbs
  • Wildcream dumplings with yum
  • green asparagus with herbs

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