Destroy weeds and prevent

Weeds should be removed as environmentally friendly as possible. Especially in this day and age, when one repeatedly speaks of a high environmental impact, garden enthusiasts should resort to weed killers, which are as far as possible without chemicals. But those who want to eliminate the wild herbs as possible without chemicals, does not have a large selection of reliable products. Since it is advantageous to let the unwanted herbs do not grow at all. With us you will learn everything worth knowing about weeds prevent and destroy.

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  • Biological weed killer
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Biological weed killer

Weeds that grow visibly between stone joints, from beds and from the grass, should be removed quickly. In general, the Wild plants Plucked by hand or with a hand Unkrautstecher away. This work is laborious and does not bring long term the desired success. After a few weeks, some resistant herbs grow again.

An old and effective home remedy is salt and vinegar against weeds in the garden. In a water-salt mixture, the salt content should be at most 7%. It is important that the solution may only be used on small areas, as all other plants in the area die off. Therefore, this solution is best for weed control in joints. A vinegar solution is more suitable for flowerbeds, as the vinegar water is not so harmful to other plants and animals.

Also in your hardware store there are some products that are biodegradable and also reliably fight weeds. So convinced the weed killer Neudorff, which is environmentally friendly, not harmful to animals and other plant species, and also very effective.

Prevent weeds

Groundcover Vinca minor

Groundcover Vinca minor

If you weed prevent it naturally, then do not let it arise. Not only visually, the unwelcome wild herbs are not welcome, they also harm the surrounding plants, as they deprive them of the vital nutrients. As a rule, the closer a flowerbed is planted, the less weeds can spread. Especially the places in your garden that are for others plant species are unfavorable, you should be with ground cover such as. Plant ivy so that weeds have little scope to spread.

But also a special one weed control fabric protects your flowers and plants from unwanted herbs. These special films are breathable, letting water, air and nutrients into the soil and preventing the growth of weeds. The desired plants grow under very good conditions and reduce the maintenance effort to a minimum.

Video Board: 8 Ways to Kill Weeds Naturally