White Ceiling Panels - Dealers, Prices and Buying Tips

Ceiling panels with a white look always create a feeling of solidity. They achieve a bright ceiling surface and achieve an additional design appeal with their joint pattern. However, deliberately selecting and placing them is even more important than with panels of other colors.

Lay white ceiling panels correctly

As high quality white ceiling panels may be - if you lay these panels in the wrong direction, you will be disappointed.
A basic rule is that shadows are always more visible on a light background than on a dark one. For this reason, you always have to orient yourself at the main light source in the laying direction. This usually consists of a window or artificial lighting. If you lay white ceiling panels across this light, the joints will cast shadows and your ceiling will have dark lines. The view quality of a white panel ceiling is lost.

Available with and without joint

The classic shape is still the white ceiling panels with inlaid feather, which you can color or mirror equipped according to your individual ideas. These panels are primarily located in the low-price segment of DIY stores.
Modern ceiling panels with a white appearance, however, implement the principle of the null joint. Although they also include a tongue-and-groove connection or implement them with the easy-to-install click technology. In the zero joint, however, the panels lie directly against each other and only the rounded panel edges appear as a joint pattern.

Suppliers and prices

Among the manufacturers of ceiling panels white determine next to the low price sector several brand manufacturers the market. Parador.de, for example, supplies Hammer specialty stores, OBI DIY stores, Toom DIY stores and others with its products. Some of the basic products are already available under 20.00 euros per square meter.
Another favorable supplier, who also offers wet room panels with terracotta coating, is holzprofi24.de. However, its master panels are in many variants only 2.60m long and therefore require in large rooms many joints that can cast shadows.
Master panels and Parador are very suitable for all rooms. With no-name products, there is always the risk of harmful substances such as health-endangering formaldehyde. With a room measuring ten square meters, you only invest about € 70 extra in quality products in terms of freedom from pollutants.

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