Buy white parquet - tips and suppliers

In addition to the almost natural white woody plants such as ash and birch, there is also the possibility to turn even darker wood species to white. Usually, the white color is incorporated by pickling or oils and depending on the initial color and texture, the white of the parquet interacts with the underlying original texture.

Woods that naturally provide white wood

The maple usually has a white-yellowish wood that has grown evenly. While the whiteness of the birch stands out in the yellow, many beeches produce a whitish wood.

With the ash, a white parquet can be created with appropriate sorting, that does not require any post-treatment regarding the color. Oak trees also have some white wood.

The wood of the alder has a dirty white color, while many conifers such as pine, spruce and fir provide almost white wood, but are rather unsuitable as parquet wood. The elm can be colored light gray.

Percentage whitening

Very common is the percentage of color of the parquet in white shades. In originally darker wood such as oak, the surfaces are whitened to five, 22 or one hundred percent.

Parquet white is also referred to as light gray tones and surfaces coated with irregular white antique paving.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Parquet white natural
Ash brushed livelyparkett-store24.de62,95 EUR / sqm
Oak brushed & oiledparkett-store24.de68.95 EUR / sqm
Parquet white worked
Oak leached & brushedparkett-store24.de63.45 EUR / sqm
Beech stained & sealedparkett-store24.de49,95 EUR / sqm

Lye, stain. Oil and varnish

Stained or licked wood must be left to dry for a very long time and should not be used in sensitive areas such as children's rooms, bathrooms or kitchens. It may take several months for the fumes to end.

The oiling of the parquet with white-coloring wood oils should be carried out with products specially adapted to the type of wood. The surfaces can assume a very bright white coloration, especially in very absorbent woody plants.

Whilst the texture always shines through on white oiled parquets, a uniformly covering color layer can be applied with white parquet varnish.

Tips & Tricks

Bamboo parquet can not be dyed because the wood from the grass family plant has a very uneven absorption behavior. The only alternative is multiple saturating priming and varnishing with a covering varnish.

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