Weight of concrete gravel

The reference value for calculating the weight of concrete gravel is the density, as with all other loose bulk building materials. The weight in a volume measure of one cubic meter corresponds to the density from which the corresponding amount required for the concrete mixture is calculated.

Concrete classes and grain sizes

The specific task of determining the correct weight for concrete gravel is to take into account how much of the aggregate is added to what quantity of cement and water.

In Germany concrete in the strength prescribed for the construction of foundations is regulated in the standard DIN 1045 as part of the European standard EN 206. Depending on the weight of the need of concrete gravel of the grain size.

  • Thirty percent concrete gravel at 0-2 mm, equivalent to 545 kilograms per cubic meter
  • Forty percent concrete gravel at 2-8 mm, equivalent to 725 kg per cubic meter
  • Thirty percent concrete gravel at 8-16 mm, equivalent to 545 kg per cubic meter

When mixing concrete, the common type of concrete mix must be known. Thereafter, the percentage of concrete gravel depends. The most common concrete classes are:

  • Concrete class B25 for columns, posts and window and lintels
  • Concrete class B10 for floor fixtures such as floor slabs and foundations

Rules for aggregates as filler or aggregate

As a general rule, in the general and applicable European standards for concrete, the specific weight of concrete gravel is assumed to be at least 2000 kilograms per cubic meter, for the heaviest grain gradings up to 3000 kilograms per cubic meter.

Attention must be paid to other approved types of concrete that have a different weight than conventional concrete. For self-compacting concrete, for example, for all grain sizes, 449 kilograms of concrete gravel are mixed into one cubic meter of concrete.

Tips & Tricks

Only mix concrete that is supposed to provide ground support for soil, if you know the required weight and type of concrete gravel. If necessary, find out about the required concrete class for your construction project.

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