The weight of welded mesh has two references

The weight of welded steel mesh for reinforcement of concrete components depends on the diameter of the steel bars. Based on a standardized size according to German or European standard, the respective weight can be assigned to the corresponding diameters and is comparable by the specified dimensions.

Diameter and bar distances

The standard size of welded steel mesh has the dimensions of 600 by 230 centimeters, in exceptional cases 600 times 235 centimeters are offered. The diameters of the transverse and longitudinal steel bars need not have an identical diameter. Important factors are the weights of each single welded steel mat and the weight transferred to the square meter.

Another variable is the distance of the individual steel bars to the weight per reinforcing steel mat and square meter. With different diameters, the weight is higher if the longitudinal bars have the higher diameter than the transverse bars and vice versa.

Weight tables for welded steel mesh

With identical distances between the steel bars in the longitudinal and transverse direction of 150 millimeters, the following weights result:

  • Bar diameter (dm) 6 millimeters (mm), 3.02 kilograms per square meter (kg / sq m), 41.7 kilograms per reinforcing steel mat (kg / mat)
  • dm 7 mm, 4.12 kg / sqm, 56.8 kg / mat
  • dm 8 mm, 5.38 kg / sqm, 74.3 kg / mat
  • dm 9 mm, 6,12 kg / sqm, 84,4 sqm / mat
  • dm 10 mm, 7.31 kg / sq. m, 100.9 kg / mat

With a distance of the longitudinal bars of 150 millimeters and a distance of the transverse bars of 250 millimeters, the following weights also result depending on the same or different diameters of the steel bars:

  • Longitudinal bar diameter (ldm) 6 mm (mm), cross bar diameter (qdm) 6 mm, 2.43 kg per square meter (kg / sqm), 33.8 kg per welded steel mesh (kg / mat)
  • ldm 7 mm, qdm 6 mm, 2.99 kg / sqm, 41.2 kg / mat
  • ldm 8 mm, qdm 6 mm, 3.64 kg / sqm, 50.2 kg / mat
  • ldm 9 mm, qdm 8 mm, 4.87 kg / sqm, 67.2 sqm / mat
  • ldm 10 mm, qdm 8 mm, 5.49 kg / sqm, 75.7 kg / mat

Calculate subsets

If welded steel meshes are resized, a percentage calculation of the residual weight is possible, paying attention to the relation between longitudinal and transverse shortening. Alternatively, the weight of the reinforcing steel can be determined with the individual adding up of the individual bars and their remaining length the remaining weight.

Tips & Tricks

When shortening welded mesh, the static function may be impaired. Inform yourself before using with professionals.

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