Weight specifications for grass pavers

If you are planning to purchase grass pavers, you should calculate the weight of the required amount and calculate the resulting transport costs. Depending on the thickness of the stone, a considerable amount of weight can be created for just a few square meters.

Weight specifications for standard dimensions

The classic square lawn pavers made of concrete with the side dimensions sixty times forty centimeters have a hole proportion of about one third of their total area. With a stone thickness of eight centimeters, each grass paver weighs between just under thirty and thirty kilograms, depending on the manufacturer. With the requirement of just over four copies per square meter, this creates a weight of one hundred to one hundred and twenty kilograms, which affects every square meter. At the average standard thickness of ten centimeters you have to use a weight per stone of 32 to 35 kilograms, with twelve centimeters of strength it is between 34 and 38 kilograms. So you need up to about 150 kilograms of material per square meter. For a parking space for a standard car, the paved area is twelve to 15 square meters, so you need to plan for the transport of grass pavers with the total weight of about two tons.

Tips for delivery

Each manufacturer packs his lawn pavers a little differently and so the transport costs also depends on the size of the respective container. Spreading on pallets is widespread, with between thirty and fifty grass pavers on each pallet, depending on the thickness of the stone. This moves the individual weight of a pallet in the range between one and one and a half tons. For this weight appropriately designed lifting machines such as forklifts are indispensable. Usual lifts can not carry this load. If you want to get a larger amount of grass pavers, you should clarify in advance if the source of supply has a corresponding transport option. Some providers supply the lawn pavers in several loads with smaller vehicles, which can significantly increase the transport price. Cost savings are possible for you if you can offer a flexible timeframe so that your delivery can be put on a route with others in the area.

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