Make the welder certificate: Where are the costs?

Welding is not only worthwhile for jobseekers: people with permanent jobs improve their opportunities for advancement or secure their jobs. Sometimes the employment office pays the costs, and some employers invest in the training of good employees. The prices for the individual notes are different high.

Financial support of welding certificates

Anyone who has received an education voucher can generally (partially) finance their sweat certificate. In addition, there is the possibility for the unemployed to contact the employment agency for a reimbursement.

In order to receive funding from the employment office, you will normally require special prior knowledge of the steel industry. At the very least, you should already have worked as a laborer in this area. An appropriate training, for example as a locksmith, is even more convincing.

Alternatively, ask your employer, who may appreciate your desire for further education. Of course you may also pay your own welder license if there are no funding opportunities.

Test pieces in the welder test

Welding certificates should be a confirmation that the owner can carry out various welding tasks in accordance with standards. At the end of the lesson, the candidate submits several test pieces, which are assessed by an assessor.

By means of ultrasound, the inspector determines the quality of the welds. Which materials and shapes must be welded in the test depends entirely on the type of welding license to be achieved.

The cost of a welder's license

  • The costs for a course for the certified railing welder in the steel sector amount to about 1,400 EUR, plus the examination fees with another 200 to 300 EUR.
  • For a welder's license for journeys to the motor vehicle, you can expect to pay between about 300 to 400 EUR.
  • The welding qualification certificate in commercial vehicle construction costs you around 600 EUR.
  • The individual courses for welding expert according to guideline DVS-IIW 1170 are estimated at about 480 EUR (part 0), 350 EUR (part 1), 850 EUR (part 2) and 1.500 EUR (part 3), plus exam fees.

Cost example: Welder's license

A car mechanic trains in welding. First he makes the welder's license for journeyman, after which he completes a training course for the welding of commercial vehicles.

Cost overviewprice
1. Welder's license for motorists320 EUR
2. Qualification certificate in commercial vehicle construction590 EUR
total910 EUR

Professionals may, under certain conditions, be given an evening course funded by the Employment Agency, for example, if they have been working as unskilled workers for years.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure that your welding course is certified by DVS. DVS promotes professional welding and all other methods of joining, cutting and coating technology.

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