Well-drilling: groundwater

Would you like to drill your own well in the garden?

Fountain types that you can create yourself
  • artesian well
  • Pile or hammer fountain
  • dug wells

Who consumes a lot of water in their own garden, quickly comes up with the idea to drill a well. This has nothing to do with these little ornamental fountains that pump only filled water steadily in a cycle and simply serve the beautification of a garden.

No, the well we're talking about here is actually about obtaining own water from the local groundwater resources. To anticipate: It is only worth drilling a well if groundwater is available at a comparatively shallow depth.

Learn about groundwater levels

Well-drilling: groundwater

On such terrain it is not always
easy to find the groundwater level.

The depth of the groundwater level can be obtained from the local water supplier. However, this statement is not necessarily very accurate. Especially in low mountain ranges this is so different that even within a plot the depth of the groundwater level can vary.

Unlike in the lowlands, where the groundwater is often like an underground lake and the distance remains relatively constant in many areas.

Do property neighbors already have a well? At least that can be a good clue - inquire about their experience in well construction. Even local wells often know the depth you have to expect on your property at the groundwater level.

If, in spite of everything, it remains uncertain how deep the groundwater level is, you have no choice but to carry out a test drilling. In any case, you will be able to determine a certain tendency in your research, so you can assess which type of well and pump would be required and how much the costs are to be estimated.

A well construction is always subject to approval

As soon as you want to extract groundwater for your own purposes, you must first contact your local authority and inquire about the local conditions and the application process.

In many places, there are no problems drilling the well to get permission, but in some places conditions are so unfavorable that drilling wells is not allowed there.

Attention: Anyone who drills a well without permission commits an administrative offense, which can be punished with up to 50,000 euros.

Is a private well worth it?

Well-drilling: pump

Sometimes a well saves long walks with watering cans in the garden.

Whether or not a well is worthwhile is usually not just a question of profitability. But from this point of view, a rule of thumb from well construction experts recommends that the presumed savings in drinking water use, minus running costs, should cover the cost of well construction. This rule is based on the assumed lifetime of a well.

With this less expensive type of wells, the pipes settle over the years and must be replaced. In areas with relatively soft water and little mud in the groundwater, the runtime can be much longer.

Check with your water supplier and / or your local authority for how to estimate the savings and what fees may be incurred anyway or in addition. That is very different locally. If you are planning a well with pump and service water supply, you may incur costs for an annual plant and water quality check.

Drilling, piling, impact or shaft well

Well-drilling: groundwater

This is what a masonry well shaft looks like, but today concrete rings are more likely to be used.

Only with a groundwater level of a maximum of six to seven meters depth, a so-called Rammbrunnen (also known as whip wells) in question and only if you do not need too much water. Even with less than 300 euros, such a well is to accomplish.

If the groundwater level is lower, or if you want a relatively high flow rate (for example for additional service water), you can not avoid a well with a powerful pump. Depending on the depth, the type of floor, the quality of the equipment and the total or partial self-service, you have to reckon with around 800 euros and more.

An idyllic well with a shaft and bucket beats fast with a few thousand euros to book and is only to cope with ideal soil conditions and groundwater level in own contribution. Even then, such a venture is not without its risks and requires good craftsmanship, strength, endurance and skill.

For a shaft well or if you need to drill a garden well on rocky ground or at a great depth, it is usually worthwhile requesting a well construction company. Simply search under "Well Drilling Company" or "Well Construction Company" in your area on the internet and get a quote.

How to drill a well?

Well-drilling: well-drilling

For small needs, a rotary pump and looks good at the same time.

First and foremost, you need a ground drill that is available as a hand driller or as a 2-stroke motor. You can also rent such a device. When drilling, it is especially important to drill really vertically, otherwise drill and / or pipes will be damaged.

Depending on the type of well, then a well pipe set should be used including filter tube and end cap. For a dam, a pipe is taken instead. For this you need pipe pieces with sleeves, a ram filter and a blower attachment. Pay attention to tightness.

Depending on the type of well and supply requirements, a pump is required. For a simple mechanical well with no more than nine meters head and low flow rate, a rotary pump is sufficient. For larger depths and / or more flow rates (eg for service water) you need a suction pump (eg a small domestic waterworks) or a deep well pump.

Author: Christiane Baldwin - Online Editor and Handyman

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