Westfalia table band saw im

Westfalia table band saw im: band

A band saw offers many advantages. Due to their design can also be without large saw blade massive material thicknesses to edit. Add to that Possibility of rounding and contours to saw.

Unlike a scroll saw, the cutting direction remains the same and Chips are transported away evenly in one direction.

There are many band saws and the first focus should be on the maximum material height. The Westfalia table band saw 250 W offers a maximum working height of 80mm and should therefore be sufficient for the ambitious home improvement.

The name "table bandsaw" shows that they are on the Table, workbench or a special balancen housed and thus can be stowed to save space.

The test device belongs to the cheaper models and is for home improvement thought. To what extent the saw can score here and which cutting results are achieved, should show our test.

Technical specifications

Product Information:

  • Power consumption: 250 W
  • Idle speed: 900 min-1
  • maximum cutting depth at 90°: 80 mm
  • Projection: 200 mm
  • Table size: 300 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 700 x 260 x 340 mm
  • Tape length: 1400 mm

A manual without compromise

Westfalia table band saw im: table

Clear operating instructions

Almost used to, Westfalia shares the Manual in two folders and excludes the General Safety Information.

Since there are many General information on electrical tools Westfalia simplifies the effort and the user does not have to pick up all the folders on several machines.

The specific band saw instructions are convincing in almost all respects. A foldout graphic with a Marking of all items Gives a good overview and saves browsing while reading the manual.

Show this very good, detailed and colorful pictures more details and just the structure is thus declared first class. A really good manual and even the glossy paper forgives dirty hands.

There is a small note nevertheless, so we would have a few helpful hints for saw blade tension desired.

The construction costs a little time

Westfalia table band saw im: westfalia

A band saw is a stationary device that is not regularly assembled and disassembled. Therefore, it is important to yourself to deal intensively with the structure and to carry it out carefully.

To have to constructive items installed and aligned the saw band guide become. Even if the individual components of the Westfalia table band saw 250 W are limited, there is still enough time left.

Just the attachment and adjustment of the tape guide is a bit awkward and takes a certain amount of time, About one hour should be scheduled for all construction work.

The manual is very helpful for this. Step by step and with clear pictures The structure is described and is also feasible for a layman. The required tools (two Allen wrenches and a fork wrench) are included in good quality.

tip for belt tension: If the upper and lower tape guide are adjusted and the tape has a little play, it can come to a grinding noise due to an uneven tape run. These sounds are good for setting the right belt tension. If the tape is stretched further, it calms down and the grinding noise stops. This point represents the optimum belt tension.

Westfalia table band saw im: band

Upper tape guide, lower tape guide and table adjustment

Are the Tape guides adjusted and the saw blade is correct curious, can be started with the cultivation of the table. Three screws are not a big effort and even a small U-profile to stabilize the split table top is quickly attached.

To the Saw blade change must remove this U-profile be and is therefore only secured with knurled nuts. Finally, the orientation of the table takes place. With an angle, it is aligned and fixed at right angles to the saw blade.

An adjusting screw with lock nut is set up as a stop and facilitates repeatability.

The first impression is solid

Westfalia table band saw im: westfalia

Sawing table with rip fence

After setting up, we look at our new band saw and look at a machine that has one solid impression.

The doors on the case are made of plastic, though well finished and also the entire housing made of sheet steel acts massive and safe.

The Table is stable, owns one Tilt adjustment and for different material thicknesses the height of the upper strap guide can be adjusted.

When Accessories are available in addition to a rip fence and a push stick, This was not used in the test, however, because especially with narrow workpieces the upper tape guide would be in the way and the push stick is rather unsuitable.

The rip fence looks solid and the clamping mechanism is also used by other brand manufacturers - has been proven. The rip fence can be simply hang up, adjust easily and tighten securely, Due to the short clamping surface, however, it is not always at right angles.

Curious makes the somewhat strange power switch or its cover. Only by a pressure on two locks left and right, the lid can be opened and operate the machine. Above the lid is a kind of "key".

If this is removed, the lid can not be opened and the machine can not be used by unauthorized persons. So far to the theory. Practically, the can be Open the lid with two nails as well and also the Material execution does not give a particularly high-quality impression.

Nevertheless, they like this very simple safety precaution and those who have children will appreciate them. It is certainly important that this is one so-called deadman switch which prevents unintentional switching on after a power failure.

Westfalia table band saw im: table

Switch with key inserted, switch without key and prefabricated band saw

Westfalia table band saw im: table

Slight tilt of the table surface

Not quite plan is the saw tableas our test shows at an angle. In the longitudinal direction he can absolutely convince, but he falls across a little bit inside.

The experienced handyman looks under the table and notes that this is Error with some skill by bending the brackets correct. Certainly not the usual way, but takes only 10 minutes and is therefore certainly faster than a complaint. We are satisfied with our (now) even table.

Finally, our first impression remains positive. Not everything is 100% consistent and many things could be improved. But we also can not do that quite cheap purchase price to forget. So we are satisfied with the basic package and look forward to the first practical test cuts.

The practical test convinces in almost all respects

Before the first cuts can be made, some safety precautions must be taken. This includes (if possible) the Connection of a workshop vacuum cleaner, Our brand-name device fits instantly and for various other diameters there is a flexible rubber adapter.

But then the Westfalia table band saw 250 W makes its first real mistake. When connecting the suction hose, the connection piece simply falls off, After a closer look, the reason quickly becomes visible. The Connecting piece sits in a hole in the housing and only by the Supernatant of small toothed discs held.

It can not work that way, of course, and leaves it behind Impression of a forgotten counterpart in the case, We hope this is an isolated case and will solve the problem with three larger washers. These are clearly further over the edge of the case and keep the connection piece absolutely secure.

Westfalia table band saw im: westfalia

Suction connection with rubber adapter, suction connection dissolves and mounting with larger washers

Now that all preparations have been made, the practical test of the Saw and therefore the right joy, Thanks to 18 mm laminated wood, the Westfalia band saw literally goes through butter.

However, care should always be taken to adjust the upper band guide to the material thickness to be sawn. On Saw band is flexible and looks for the way the least resistance, resulting in an unclean cut result.

If the tape guide is adjusted correctly, the cutting performance is absolutely convincing. Whether with or against the grain, the cut becomes straight and even. Also the rip fence delivers a good result.

Although the sawing result is just next to the set dimension on the table top, which still needs to be set up with the table attachment, the cut is also absolutely even with the grain. Even branches in the wood do not affect the result.

Westfalia table band saw im: westfalia

Clean cut through branches, straight cut with rip fence and cut against the grain

Of course, no saw should have a problem sawing 18mm glulam. So we continue to test and go to the alleged power limit of 80 mm. No loss of performance, no reduction in cutting speed but a small curvature on the cut surface. Maybe the band should be re-tensioned a bit. Nevertheless, she sees Cut surface clean and the result is convincing.

Exact angle cuts with staggered scale

In the next step, the Angular adjustment tested and a look at the scale unsettled, The table was aligned to the angle, adjusted the stop and also checked the cut result. Nevertheless, the scale indicates -2°. That displeases a little. But if all angles are set with the offset of -2°, they vote again. The scale was therefore not glued properly.

Since the Set the table stop yourself should, maybe the Add the scale as a sticker to customize it yourself, It has already been noticed in other saws (even brand manufacturers) that scales show the correct dimensions, but the Zero point is not exactly correct.

If the table is now set to 43° (45° - 2°), the reverse merging of the two cut surfaces is convincing with an absolute right angle. Especially with this test, an angle error would double and become clearly visible. The scale is therefore accurate.

Westfalia table band saw im: westfalia

Cut through 80 mm spruce, zero setting is not correct and exact 45° cut

Curved cuts are a pleasure

Westfalia table band saw im: band

Angle curved section 60 mm spruce

The most important application of a band saw is certainly in curve cuts and these are simply a pleasure. Even with the oThe original wider band saws already quite narrow radii, The material thickness plays a minor role.

Although it can hardly be avoided at thicker materials, the saw blade flutters a bit, which leads to a slightly uneven surface, but the material can be easily guided and the saw cut exactly executed.

It gets really interesting with the special narrow band for curved cuts (Article number 974824). This even smaller radii are possible and hardwood is no problem.

Attention: Of course, a narrower band is also more flexible and thicker materials can not be cut with the same good surface.

Finally, it remains to say that the saw samples were really fun. Whether free or after cracking, the material can be lead exactly and in small radii, At this point the Westfalia table band saw 250 W meets all requirements and inspires.

Westfalia table band saw im: table

Curved cut in hardwood, curved cut after crack in 60 mm spruce and tight radii with the curved saw band

Our conclusion to the Westfalia table band saw 250 W

Westfalia table band saw im: table

Our result

The fact is that our tested model had shortcomings that did not have to be. The Zeroing the angle scale is not correct, the Table is not quite plan and the exhaust was due to lack of attachment from.

But the fact is that we are almost all Defects could be eliminated quickly and easily and the band saw was then absolutely convincing with great sawing results.

So if you are not very keen on craftsmanship, you are ready to spend some time in the fiddly band setting and maybe you can lend a hand for yourself cheap price a very good working machinewho can meet all requirements in woodworking.

The solid case, one Perfect chip extraction and clean saw bands form the basis of good woodworking. Our next step will be the installation of a lighting that we have missed very often.

Due to the correctable defects, the Westfalia table band saw 250 W would receive three stars from us. Because of your first-class sawing results And since the shortcomings do not affect the sawing work, we pack it up again and come up with a final rating of four stars.

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