Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in

The world first of Westfalia

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: station

According to article description today we test the "all-purpose weapon against blunt drills, scissors, knives, chisels, planer knives, axes / hatchets, spade chisels and much more."

Big words for a relatively small device. Is there really an all-rounder with whom even a layman is capable of one? Grind drill professionally?

Has one like that small device enough powerto grind a chisel or is it just a toy that is already overloaded with a 5mm drill?

These and other questions we will go to the bottom and the Test Westfalia universal sharpening station thoroughly.

Click here for the article description of the multifunctional sander from Westfalia.

Technical specifications

manufacturer's instructions

  • Voltage: 230V ~ 50Hz
  • maximum idle speed: 6700 min-1
  • Rated power: 65 W
  • Grinding stone diameter: 48 mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Base plate: 14 cm x 15 cm
  • maximum drill size: 3 - 10 mm
  • Knife widths: 6 - 51 mm

The packaging - small, practical and useful

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: sharpening

Simple and sensible packaging

Since the Westfalia Universal Grinding Station is a stationary device, which is used in the most cases built and fixed a suitcase is not needed and the packaging also plays a minor role.

Nevertheless, it should of course be noted that everything is safely packed and the stable carton is also suitable for further storage. The Although optional flexible shaft is not standard and was therefore delivered separately, but in retrospect also finds its place in the box.

On the packaging are all relevant information on the possible grinding variants and also the technical data in German and English to find. Nevertheless, it is not larger than necessary and thus fulfills all the positive aspects.

A sufficient manual with potential

The Manual includes two small books, which is divided into the bilingual "Operating Instructions" and multilingual "General Safety Instructions".

Why the general safety instructions have been spun off into an extra booklet is not completely clear, but reduces the space requirement of the specific instructions for the product.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: shaft

Two-part manual

Striking to the manual is that fold-out picture in the cover, on which all individual parts of the universal sharpening station marked are. This saves reading the instructions and leaves allows simultaneous control which part of the manual is being written - very handy.

At the same time, however, the short instructions for the individual essays also contain further pictures for use. These can not quite convince you as they are shown monochrome and quite small are.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: shaft

Something small pictures

Especially the Description of the somewhat complicated grinding process of drills, is therefore difficult to understand.

After a short training but are all Self-explanatory sanding attachments and the manual is no longer needed.

The first impression is good and makes you curious

After unpacking surprised a very small cube, which gives the universal sharpening station the impression of a toy.

Wed.At 1.6 kg, the sharpening station is also very light and the possibility of attachment to the workbench or other suitable place may well be justified. In addition, the very long with 3 m long supply line, so one appropriate placement does not pose a problem should.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: station


Likewise, the practical falls Connection of a flexible shaft on, which is protected by a lid and thus from dust.

Something difficult to reach is the small switch on the back, which also has potential for improvement in terms of safety.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: station

Rear with switch

Changing the attachments is quick and easy. On slight pressure on the locking lever and the attachment can be removed upwards and replaced by another one. It does not find needed attachments on the side of the sharpening station their place and do not need to be kept separately.

Without attachment A safety switch prevents startup the machine. However, a deadman switch would be safer, which prevents an independent restarting.

If an attachment is removed, the grinding station switches off, with the Insertion of an essay, however, without the operation of a switch again. A dead man's switch or a removal lock with the machine switched on would significantly increase safety.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: sharpening

Lock for essay change

In contrast, the diamond disc is absolutely positive. you is not subject to deformation during wear and thus provides a consistent grinding result, which offers a great advantage especially when grinding drills.

The different attachments for sharpening drills, knives and scissors or planer knives are clearly marked and made of a sturdy plastic.

However, allow the deformability and simple connections doubt moving parts on the accuracy, The hands-on test will give you an idea of ​​how the little cube is performing.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: westfalia

Sharpening station without attachment

Practical test with surprises

The test material is ready, the cable is connected, an attachment has been mounted and the Westfalia Universal sharpening station can be switched on. Is she already running? Certainly the engine does not run silently, however As small as the cube is, so small is the background noisehe leaves behind.

An absolutely positive surprise, which by the Engine power during grinding also not diminished becomes. Small, quiet and with enough power, the base station is very well done.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: westfalia

Test Tools

Also, the fear that the low weight would not be enough to hold the sharpening station without fixing on its site is not confirmed. Smooth and safe she herself remains on a smooth worktop in its designated place.

Of course, as the Westfalia Universal sharpening station did not yet have its later fixed position in the test, we refrain from fixing it and there was no identifiable safety risk at any time. Yet should always be used on machines with rotating parts, the mounting option become.

Sharpening of planing blades and chisels

For grinding Planing blades and chisels, the universal sharpening station has an essay, which can be adjusted in an angle of 20° to 40°.

The setting has indeed no fine adjustment and works more by estimation, but this is only of limited relevance. In order not to change the original shape of the tool to be ground, the angle is adjusted by a visual inspection, which can be done quite well.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: universal

angle adjustment

To fix the Tool is integrated a sufficiently strong magnetwhich also keeps tools safe. There is unfortunately no delivery option and so the tool has to be moved a little bit on the magnet with each additional cut. For simple flat chisel this is sufficient and there is a sharp bevel.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: westfalia

Grinding a chisel

The lateral guidance of the tool on the grinding wheel is realized by the displacement of plastic parts with each other. Unfortunately, that's the way it goes do not reach the high accuracy, which is required for planer knives.

In addition, can the Tilt the sliding carriage sideways, as a result of which an exact bevel at right angles is not always possible. Similarly, the small diameter of the grinding wheel speaks against the bevel of a planer knife.

The bevel of the cutting edge becomes very short and receives a round spout. For planer knife rather unsuitable.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: shaft

Ground chisel

Short chisels, on the other hand, can be left grind very well, They have only a smaller bevel and do not require special accuracy.

From a chisel length of about 15 cm, however, the Holding force of the magnet barely und a secure hold can only be realized by one's own hands, which puts the usefulness of the sharpening station into perspective and further impairs the accuracy.

Sharpening knives and scissors

To grind knives and scissors, one becomes Attachment with fixed support delivered. The result is slightly split.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: sharpening

Sharpening a pair of scissors

Scissors are fully opened and with the Angle support on the flat surface of the grinding wheel pulled along. On our test object, the fixed angle corresponded approximately to the original bevel and after three passes a full-surface bevel was made.

At least as far as the ground surface is concerned. The Unfortunately, the entire cutting edge could not be sharpenedbecause here the device itself was in the way and the Did not let scissors complete, If the two legs of the scissors are screwed together and can be separated, the entire cutting edge can be ground.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: shaft

Too long distance to the grinding wheel

Somewhat disadvantageous is the large distance between the support and the grinding wheel. Does the pair of scissors run out, It slips before the end of the grinding process from the edition and will not ground evenly over the entire surface.

But with a little bit of feeling she can hold herself at an angle and grind to the top. The result is Thanks to the planned diamond disc a sharp pair of scissors with good polished section.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: station

Ground scissors

For Messer, the sharpening attachment has two guides on which the blade can be ground from both sides. The removal is neat and after two passes, the cutting edge sharp. If subsequently the same sharpening station is used again and remains thus the cutting angle equal, even a grinding pass should be sufficient his.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: shaft

Ground scissors

Unfortunately, here too an incomplete bevel must be expected. Due to the closed construction, the knife does not reach the handle sharpen. About 1 cm is lost and remains unpolished. However, there is also no risk to grasp the handle and the blade is also rarely used to the handle.

A result that you can be satisfied with. The cut itself leaves nothing to be desired. He is done evenly and the blade is absolutely sharp.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: westfalia

Uniform sanding pattern

Grinding a drill wants to be skilled

And that's what the Westfalia Universal sharpening station can do. Although something awkward but with a good result.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: universal

Vertical alignment on the V-plate

It can be Grind drills from 3 mm to 10 mm, which should cover the usual home use. This is the drill in a removable clamping device out and aligned with this in the drill sharpener attachment.

A movable V made of sheet metal allows vertical alignment and a small stop Determines how deep the drill is clamped. Since the Stop is not adjustable, Again, the same clamping, which makes the Schleifzustellung difficult.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: westfalia

Recording for drill alignment

After moving the drill including the jig, is the Drill fixed in position and distance to the grinding wheel and can only be panned and withdrawn.

Becomes a Larger material removal, the game of the entire construction can be usedto guide the drill further against the grinding wheel. If this is not enough, the drill must be loosened again and set up again.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: universal

Grinding the drill

The bevel of the drill is on envelope. That means, The drill with clamping device can be turned over and replaced become.

This function allows a uniform grinding of both cutting edges. Will be without or with worked uniform pressure, the drill gets an absolutely correct bevel, as the before-and-after picture shows.

However, the Westfalia Universal sharpening station is suitable only for sharpening blunt but intact drills, Broken drills can not be aligned and the cost of such a large removal would be too enormous.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: station

Ground drill

The clamping and alignment of the drill is a little complicated and must, since there is no delivery possibility, if necessary even repeated several times, which can take a lot of time. However, sanding drills on a regular bench is not so easy requires a lot of practice and then not everyone.

Therefore, the universal sharpening station is a real alternative. It can be hardly any mistakes creep in and who invests some time, can save a lot of money when buying new drills.

Use of the flexible shaft

The universal sharpening station from Westfalia offers the option of connecting a flexible shaft with a collet to absorb abrasives. This extends the work area and grinding tools can be used flexibly. The wave this looks very thick and rigid at first glancebut is surprisingly soft and flexible. The length of 1 m is absolutely sufficient.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: westfalia

Sharpening station with flexible shaft

The connection to the Base station is very easy and fast by means of throw and thread. It becomes interesting with the tool holder. The included collet is for tools with one Shaft of 3.2 mm thought and thus compatible with Dremel.

The variety of uses are therefore no limits. To the Clamping the tool, the shaft has a quick lockto which only the handle has to be withdrawn. With a key (unfortunately not included or missing in the test device), the collet can then be opened.

Again, it may fit existing keys from the Dremel accessories, Works very fast and easy.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: universal

Flexible shaft with tool

Not quite convincing was the concentricity of the collet. There is too much here Game and the tool holder including tool vibrates significantly at work. Enormous, however, is the performance. Without problems, threaded rods or screws are separated even with thick cutting discs.

In this work could The Westfalia universal sharpening station is absolutely convincing and is for coarser work more than an alternative to other multifunction tools, which have as a standalone devices significantly less power.

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: universal

Quick clamping device

Westfalia universal sharpening station - our conclusion

Westfalia universal sharpening station with shaft in: shaft

Our rating

A world novelty sometimes carries the risk that not everything is mature and room for improvement exists. Unfortunately also with the universal sharpening station from Westfalia. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the Basic idea is very good and the first implementation in many things positive could surprise.

With opportunities for improvement, all advertised tasks (planer knives should be left to the professionals) are met and the tested Tools were sanded well to very well.

For the home improvement, the drill sharpening station is certainly interesting. Skilled workers are likely to manually grind drills fasterHowever, if you do not have any practice, you will get an absolutely equivalent result with the universal sharpening station.

Another positive feature was the attachment for sharpening knives and the flexible shaft. Without great circumstances, good results are achieved and the tools can shine with a sharp edge.

The base station also scored well. Quite small and very quiet, it provides enough power for the tasks to be done. However, in in terms of safety, they still worked on the switch-on technology become.

After subtracting the small mistakes and ways to improve, the Westfalia universal grinding station still 3.5 out of 5 possible stars.

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