Wet fridge: Where does the water come from?

Moisture in the fridge can be a real problem because the water promotes the mold and stimulates the formation of ice. An iced refrigerator consumes more electricity, so the moisture is also a financial nuisance. Normally, the fluid collected in the unit is condensation from the air: how does it come about - and how can it be released?

How does the water form in the fridge?

Warm air can absorb more moisture than cold. When humid air cools, condensation will form and this water will settle at the coldest point. Especially cold is on the back wall of a refrigerator, because there is the cooling.

For this reason, the drainage system for condensation water was also installed in this area, including specifically positioned gutters and a drain. The moisture is dissipated here and evaporated by the heat generated by the compressor.

Changing air temperatures from warm to cold and vice versa cause more condensation to form. With too much moisture, the drainage system will not work properly because it can only hold a limited amount of water. Maybe it is also clogged.

What can I do in the fridge against water?

If the inside of the fridge gets too wet, mildew can form. It is better to prevent the moisture by various measures and so also to reduce the formation of ice:

Always open the refrigerator door only brieflyCold stays in the interior
Do not put warm food in the applianceAvoidance of increased heat input
Do not place the fridge next to the oven / heaterPrevent phased heating
Clean the drainage system regularlyPrevent drainage blockage
Defrost the refrigerator regularlyCooling effect obtained
Check sealing rubbers and replace if necessaryImprove cooling effect, shut off warm air

If you follow all these measures, the refrigerator should only be slightly damp inside. Also, if you set the unit to about 7 degrees Celsius in the middle compartment, you will have reached ideal temperature.

Tips & Tricks

To measure the internal temperature, place a thermometer in the closed refrigerator for a few minutes. Take advantage of the middle shelf, because in other places it may be much cooler or warmer due to the temperature zones.

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