What advantages and disadvantages does the pent roof of the prefabricated house offer?

For many people, the pent roof is a form of roof that takes some getting used to and is not very common in Germany. But it can offer you a lot of advantages over the classic pitched roof. In this article you will learn strengths and weaknesses of this roof shape.

What does the pent roof look like?

Most people know the shape of the pitched roof, but the name "pent roof" is less well known. One can describe the pent roof as a flat roof, which is inclined to a certain direction; So the highest point of the house is not in the middle, but on a certain side of the house. This one-sided inclination gives your prefab house a striking appearance and also offers practical advantages. Which ones are, you will learn while reading.

More living space and better energy use

The pent roof offers practical advantages that the classic saddle roof can not offer. As the inclination of the roof takes place in one direction only, the resulting loss of living space in the attic is significantly lower. But not only the comfort of living, but also the wallet benefits from the construction of the pent roof: Thus, the installation of a photovoltaic system with a favorable orientation is much more effective than the saddle roof.

What advantages and disadvantages does the pent roof of the prefabricated house offer?: disadvantages

If a southern orientation of the pitched roof is possible, the solar energy is used almost the entire day; the investment in a photovoltaic system pays off faster and you benefit more effectively from the (almost) free energy. If you use rainwater in your prefabricated house, this use is made easier by the pent roof; the water eventually flows in only one direction.

Expensive sealing and stronger heat development

Although the one-sided orientation of the roof brings both a disadvantage and a disadvantage: if the sun shines on the roof for hours in summer, the heat development in the prefabricated house is much higher; An unpleasant indoor climate is the result. In addition, a pent roof must be densified more intensively than a pitched roof, which entails correspondingly higher costs.

Large selection of specialized manufacturers

Are you interested in a pent roof, you should look primarily at specialized manufacturers; Not only do they have the largest selection of prefabricated houses, but most of them have the greatest experience, especially in terms of optimal use and sealing.

Of course, your taste plays a crucial role in choosing the roof shape. If you do not like the pent roof, despite its advantages, you should keep your hands off it; After all, you should not only be proud of the modernity, but also of the look of your prefabricated house.

Tips & Tricks

If you decide on a pent roof, you should take full advantage of the advantages: Get advice from various prefabricated house providers, because not only "reasonable" things like the photovoltaic system, but also a roof terrace can make the most of the roof shape.

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