What are the advantages and disadvantages of a terraced house?

The terraced house is one of the most popular and widely used house species in Germany. Above all, the profitability is a clear advantage - which strengths and weaknesses the terraced house has exactly, you will learn in this article.

Good insulation, low land requirement

A clear advantage of the terraced house is the good insulation from the ground up: Since its part of the house (if it is not exactly at the end of the terraced house) is surrounded by other houses directly, the generated thermal energy can not escape to these sites. This ensures reduced heating costs, even if the insulation of the house is not up to date.

In an ordinary, separate house, the land costs represent a significant part of the total cost. In the row house, however, come only very low cost to you, because you left and right of the house anyway no more space. The often contained, relatively small garden is usually much smaller than other house types and thus also causes very low costs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a terraced house?: advantages

Less variability

Since the goal of the terraced house is a space-saving design as possible, the floor plans are often designed narrow, which ensures narrow staircases and makeshift corridors. Restricting the comfort of living, this disadvantage comes especially in families with children to fruition, which actually need more space. This design usually leaves less freedom of design than single-family homes, which are designed individually and thus generous.

The direct neighborhood has resulted in noise pollution in older buildings whose insulation is not good enough. Even with well-insulated buildings, it is inevitable that loud noises, for example, when moving furniture, be transferred to other parts of the house. If two houses are completely separated, this can not happen.

Weigh the pros and cons

Ultimately, the decision for the right house is up to you: If your budget is not too big and economic aspects take precedence, the terraced house is a sensible solution. However, if you attach importance to independence, noise protection and better living comfort, you should consider a separate single-family home.

Another reason for choosing a terraced house can be the central location: as living space in urban areas is scarce, most of the terraced houses can be found here; it does not necessarily have to be the economic aspects that speak for a terraced house.

As you can see: the terraced house is a popular type of living, which is convincing due to its economic efficiency and therefore attractive to a wide range of interested parties. But not always the financial is crucial: Also good insulation and lower additional costs speak for the row house.

Tips & Tricks

Inquire on the Internet for experiences on the terraced house. There you will find reports of knowledgeable and experienced people who can help you decide on or against the terraced house.

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