What are the advantages of a photovoltaic system in a single-family home?

Due to rising energy prices, alternative energies are becoming increasingly important. Particularly popular is a photovoltaic system; In this article you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the solar cells in a family home and what they cost.

Various advantages

In addition to the environmental protection, which is a central goal of the photovoltaic system, the low operating costs due to the inexhaustible solar power are another decisive advantage. Not only the system itself, but also the residents are energy efficient; Users tend to be more conscientious about their self-produced electricity than they do with mains electricity.

In addition, a photovoltaic system poses no financial risk, because the investment pays off over the years, especially considering the rising energy prices. But not only the financial side, but also the practical side is convincing: Since a photovoltaic system only needs solar power, the dependence on the location is not as great as in wind turbines.

What are the advantages of a photovoltaic system in a single-family home?: system

The weaknesses of the solar system

If you want to equip your detached house with a photovoltaic system, you have to accept high investments, which often only pay off after 10 to 15 years. Also, any wearing devices such as the inverter cause high costs when they need to be repaired or replaced. In addition, you should endure the increasing performance in old age; After 20 years, most plants only provide 80%.

Another disadvantage is the uneven power supply; You can not always rely on your photovoltaic system. Therefore, a second energy source is indispensable if you operate a photovoltaic system.

The costs

In addition to the costs already mentioned in the event of technical breakdowns, a high purchase price is of course important to you. This starts with smaller models with about 5,000 euros, with really effective systems with the appropriate size but you have to pay 15,000 euros.

Tips & Tricks

Before purchasing a photovoltaic system, find out about the benefits in your particular case. There can be several reasons why solar cells make no sense in your home.

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