What are the characteristics of a semi-detached house?

The semi-detached house is one of the most popular and widely used types of houses in Germany. But what are the typical characteristics of a semi-detached house? In this article, you will learn about the characteristics of a duplex and how duplexes can differ from one another.

Two houses, one building

Probably the most important feature of a semi-detached house is the fact that two families can live in one house without having to forego important components such as attic, terrace or cellar. Because a duplex is not divided into different apartments, but has a central partition wall, which separates the two halves of the house.

Connected to this fact, a semi-detached house in most cases also has two owners or builders: If you want to build a semi-detached house, logically, you also need another builder, who will later inhabit the other side of the house. Therefore, it is important that you get along well with your future neighbor. Because not only on the later life in the house, but also on the configuration of the duplex, this has a decisive influence.

What are the characteristics of a semi-detached house?: semi-detached house

Another feature of all terraced houses is the separate entrance: In contrast to the two-family house, in which several residents often use the same entrance, you have the double house their own access to the building.

Shared costs

But why are so many people opting for a semi-detached house if they could as well build a single-family home? Because of the costs. If you share the costs with another client, you will generally benefit considerably less than if you build your own family home. For it is true that a semi-detached house is not as expensive as two comparable single-family homes.

Varied use

If you decide on a semi-detached house, there are many possibilities for use: not only the classic living of a house side, but also the renting of one or two halves of a house can be a sensible solution. Also in terms of multigenerational living, the semi-detached house is a good choice; Several generations can live in one house.

As a potentially negative feature of semi-detached houses, noise pollution can be cited: Especially when using the same ducting and lacking sound insulation of the separating wall, the direct vicinity can become a disruptive factor.


In the following we briefly summarize the most important features of a semi-detached house:

  • A semi-detached house consists of two residential buildings, which are separated by a partition.
  • Separate entrances increase the comfort of living compared to other types of houses.
  • For two builders, the costs are shared; The bottom line is this cheaper than a comparable family home.
  • Semi-detached houses can be used differently.

Tips & Tricks

Prefab farms are exhibitions where home builders display different models. Visit there also double houses to get an impression of the variety, the advantages and also possible disadvantages of this type of house. In Germany there are many of these parks; sure is an exhibition in your area.

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