What is the construction cost of a terraced house?

If you are interested in the construction of a terraced house, the construction costs are an extremely important aspect of this project. Here's an example of what building a terraced house can cost and how you can save on it.

What influences the price?

Before the exact planning of your row house, which can take over an important function as a source of income and with the later retirement, you should be informed about the price factors. Because if the house should be profitable in the long term, the construction costs must be planned exactly.

In addition to the size of the terraced house, which of course seriously affects the price, the equipment also plays a role: Should be insulation, heating and other crucial components such as the roof of high quality and durability, the construction costs are higher than with minor equipment. Most builders must also purchase a property before construction. Depending on the location and size of the property, prices can vary significantly.

What is the construction cost of a terraced house?: cost

The example project

In the following example, we calculate the exemplary construction costs of a terraced house, which consists of four detached houses and is built as a solid house.

Cost overviewprice
1st shell, floor area 400 square meters440,000 euros
2. Interior work170,000 euros
3rd roof80,000 EUR
4. Other50,000 EUR
total740,000 EUR

In addition to these construction costs, you must of course also take into account the costs of the plot, the outdoor facilities and some other components for the total price of this terraced house. This shows that you alone can not cover all the costs of your project with the construction costs alone.

Save on construction

A key way to save on construction is to compare the different providers. The more massive and prefabricated companies you compare, the greater the chance of a relatively cheap and at the same time competent provider.
Furthermore, you should set a price limit that you do not exceed; because high prices are made up of many small costs, which at first seem negligible.

Tips & Tricks

Calculate how the size of the terraced house affects future income through rents. This will help you decide how much you want to invest in the construction.

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