What are the costs for the forklift driver's license?

The forklift driver's license is mandatory for some jobs, in some cases it increases at least the chances of a job. The cost of the useful document is limited. What price do you have to expect?

Requirements for the forklift driver's license

To obtain this special driver's license, you must be at least 18 years old and have a medical certificate of your fitness for health. The doctor tests your hearing and vision, which usually costs you between 10 and 30 EUR.

Ask your doctor by phone if he issues certificates for forklift drivers and what price he charges. Some physicians take surprisingly large amounts of up to 80 EUR.

Important facts about the forklift

The forklift driver's license entitles you to drive a transport vehicle that can travel up to 25 km / h. The forklift has a practical lifting hydraulics, which is used for lifting and depositing Euro pallets. You will learn how to handle this device safely.

That costs the forklift driver's license

Your driver's license will cost you between 80 and 150 EUR, add the price for the medical certificate. If you team up with a larger group, you may be able to negotiate a discount.

Even as an individual with special previous knowledge, for example, from a previous training, you can hope for a cost reduction. Maybe you can save up to 20 EUR, ask!

A trip abroad for a cheaper purchase of the forklift driver's license is only worthwhile with very short distances. This driver's license is not very expensive overall, a longer distance consumes the savings again.

Lesson content for the forklift driver's license

The contents of the forklift instruction are subject to a legal standard, which serves to avoid accidents at work as far as possible. The following points occur in class:

  • Legal basis for driving a forklift
  • Accident risks and their avoidance
  • the safety devices of the vehicle
  • all functions of a forklift in theory and practice
  • physical principles of lifting and driving dynamics for the intended use
  • Maintenance, care and maintenance of a forklift

A cost example from practice

An elderly man is looking for a job in warehousing and logistics. To improve his chances, he invests in a forklift driver's license.

Cost overviewprice
1. medical certificate30 EUR
2. Forklift driver's license125 EUR
3. Photo for the driver's license13 EUR
total168 EUR

Regular instruction necessary

Your forklift driver's license is valid for life, however you must attend an annual safety briefing for permanent use. This not only serves your own protection, but also that of your colleagues.

Tips & Tricks

As an employee, your boss may pay you for the forklift driver's license, which will allow you to use it more flexibly afterwards. Inquire!

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