What costs are incurred for the gutter cleaning?

About once a year, a thorough gutter cleaning is on. In doing so, the homeowner removes leaves and dirt from the gutter and the gutter box so that there are no blockages. What costs are incurred?

Gutters cleaning: costs in detail

The prices for the gutter cleaning differ regionally, but altogether they lie between approximately 2.80 EUR and 3.50 EUR per meter. The VAT is already included in this price.

The cleaning of the gutter boxes is part of the gutter cleaning and raises costs of about 7 EUR per box. Many providers are all inclusive at no extra cost, but you should ask for it in any case.

Possible additional costs for the gutter cleaning

A company that expertly cleans gutters may require an arrival and departure fee for its use. Possibly the cleaning of gutters on particularly high buildings is provided with a markup.

Access to the house roof can also influence the costs of gutter cleaning: Is the gutter easily accessible at all points - or is cleaning a considerable expense?

In any case, also inquire whether the commissioned company disposed of the waste waste free of charge: this could result in an extra charge.

Example project gutter cleaning: costs specifically

A homeowner lets his gutter completely clean at the beginning of winter. The channel is 40 meters long and has three channel boxes. The specialist company requires a travel allowance, but disposes of the waste for free.

Cost overviewprice
Cleaning fee per meter gutter3,00 EUR
Cleaning fee per gutter7,00 EUR
approach50 EUR
total191 EUR

Avoid expensive damage to the gutter

Ask the person cleaning your gutter to look for defects. If you intervene quickly in case of minor deficiencies, expensive consequential damage will be avoided! In this way you can use the gutter cleaning particularly effective for saving costs.

Tips & Tricks

In any case, ask for a photo documentation of the work if you can not inspect the cleaned gutter yourself. So you are on the safe side in case of doubt.

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