What costs are incurred for a new locking system?

If a master key for a locking system is lost, then usually the entire system must be replaced. In a larger apartment building or a public building, this means a huge effort. Which prices apply to the individual locks - and an entire system?

Prices for lock cylinder and key in single pack

  • A simple, freely copyable model without a security card, which is only suitable for small locking systems, costs about 15 EUR per lock cylinder and 4 EUR per key. Use these locks exclusively for areas that are not particularly relevant to safety!
  • A magnetic coded model with security card already has a higher safety factor and costs in the cheapest variant about 30 EUR per lock cylinder and 7 EUR per key. It is not freely copyable and possesses an inhibition against blow key, black key and pick.
  • A very high security level offers a key system with maximum copy inhibition in the reversible key system. A lock cylinder costs about 70 EUR, plus about 12 EUR per key. Again, there is an inhibition against beating key, black key and pick.

Cost of replacing a whole locking system

If you have lost a key to a larger, mechanical locking system, there may well be a cost to you that will match the price of a small car: € 10,000 to € 15,000 is not uncommon in this area.

In the event of a key loss, all lock cylinders must be replaced and each authorized person receives a new key. The many security locks including the installation work drive up the price.

This should be considered when planning a new locking system!

If you are responsible for the planning of a new locking system, make sure that the new keys can be supplied indefinitely - and if possible, can not be photocopied commercially.

Also, remember to order as robust as possible lock cylinders for the exterior doors, which have a special drilling protection. Contact your contractor for security locks and get detailed advice.

Cost example for a locking system

A smaller locking system for a tenement consists of 15 locking cylinders, two of them with special drilling protection. There are also 45 master keys and the cost of installation.

Cost overviewprice
1. 13 locking cylinder for interior doors520 EUR
2. 2 locking cylinders with drilling protection160 EUR
3. 45 general keys360 EUR
4. Installation of the lock cylinder230 EUR
total1270 EUR

Insure your own general key

Does your liability policy cover the loss of a master key? If this is not the case, you can insure yourself for about 10 to 15 EUR per year.

Tips & Tricks

Electronic locking systems offer the advantage that only one reprogramming has to take place in case of a lost key, the complete replacement of the system is no longer necessary.

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