What are the costs for a night storage heater?

A night storage heater consumes electricity - and electricity has become an expensive commodity. The other additional costs for night storage heaters, however, are very limited and the purchase of a new device costs comparatively little.

Expensive replenishment heating?

The old coal stoves of the 50s and 60s caused dust and stench, the storage space for the coal took up a lot of space. Night storage heaters were very popular in these times, they did not have all these disadvantages and the electricity was still quite cheap.

In order to secure the capacity utilization of the power plants also for the night, at that time the electricity suppliers offered increasingly cheap night-time tariffs, also government support programs supported the installation of night storage heaters. Overall, the costs for this type of heating system were in the lower range.

The first oil crisis in 1973 triggered an upward spiral in energy prices, increasing the cost of night storage heating. In the meantime, the necessary overnight electricity tariffs are no longer offered nationwide in Germany, the respective electricity supplier provides information on availability.

The recharge times for the night storage heater are, if available, usually in the range between 20 and 6 o'clock, often the times are split. The night tariff is called "low tariff".

The installation of a new device may be worthwhile if the insulating properties of the house are correct. The relatively high cost of the night storage heater power is offset by lower prices for new purchases and maintenance.

The cost of a new night storage heater

The installation of a night storage heater is cheaper than the installation of a gas or oil central heating. A homeowner saves about 7,000 euros for purchase and installation compared to a conventional gas boiler.

In addition, the cost of the annual maintenance of the gas boiler in the amount of about 150 euros away, and again about 100 euros for the exhaust gas measurements by the chimney sweep.
A homeowner can install in his thermally insulated property a night storage heater to the latest technical standard - he now pays about 120 euros electricity costs per month.

  • 1. Acquisition costs for the devices: 2,800 euros
  • 2nd installation: 900 Euro
  • 3. Electricity costs: about 1440 euros per year

Save costs

To save as much as possible with your night storage heater, you should always make sure that the charge control is set correctly. If you are unfamiliar with it, then explain the functionality of a specialist.

Always make sure that the ventilation grilles of your night storage heater are free, so as not to artificially increase the cost of operation. Ventilate several times a day intermittently and never leave your windows "on tilt" during the heating season!

Tips & Tricks

On particularly cold winter days, you may be able to use special charging times for your night storage heater during the day: inquire in advance with your electricity supplier!

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