What costs are incurred for a noise barrier?

In the immediate vicinity of a train station, a busy street or a factory, it is very restless. Remedy can create a noise barrier, if there is enough space. We inform about the costs and give helpful tips.

Requirements for the construction of a noise barrier

You need sufficient space for your noise protection wall, you must not obstruct private or public paths and you must adapt the size of the wall as best as possible. General traffic safety must continue to be guaranteed.

The authority will also require a certain minimum noise reduction for a building permit, which is between 5 and 8 dB. Also note that the quality of living includes the sunlight, as well as a view that shows more than just a boring wall.

What costs are incurred for a noise barrier?: barrier

The cost of the noise barrier

First of all, you should apply for a building permit, for which you will need professionally prepared plans for your project. You may need to hire a structural engineer and a surveyor. Everything together, including building permit fees, can cost more than $ 2,000.

Secondly, carry out earthworks to anchor the noise barrier. There are costs of about EUR 30 per meter if you can not do the work yourself.

The concrete foundation will cost you another 100 EUR per meter. In addition, there is a base, which is priced at about 40 to 60 EUR per meter. On this basis, your noise protection wall is still fixed even in storm.

A noise barrier with sound absorbing effect is available for an approximate price of EUR 500 per meter. Such a fence is a bit more than man-high and reduces the 90 dB of a passing truck to 60 dB.

You may pay less for noise barriers. Calculate for a 3.50 m high wall with a price of about 200 to 400 EUR per meter.

Costs in the case study

The owners of a semi-detached house would like to live quietly, the busy road on the doorstep bothers them a lot. A masonry noise protection wall of 25 m length and 3.50 m height should help.

Cost overviewprice
1. Surveying, statics and approval1,500 EUR
2. Earthwork and foundation3,250 EUR
3rd base1,000 euros
4. Sound absorbing bricks7,500 EUR
5. Craftsman's wage3,200 EUR
total16,450 EUR

Observe guidelines!

Also observe the official guidelines for sound-absorbing walls of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (RLE) and the various other standards for noise barriers (DIN 52210, ZTV Lsw 88 and DIN EN 20354).

Tips & Tricks

Soundproofing hedges and shrubs provide a better view than a blunt wall. Willows grow very fast.

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