What costs are incurred for a thatched roof?

Thatched roofs are - correctly executed - quite modern roofs, with good thermal protection factor. Whether it is worthwhile to get a thatched roof, and with what prices you have to reckon with new coverings, you will learn in detail in this article.

prime example

As a prime example, we want to let a house with 120 m² roof area be covered with a thatched roof. The house has on its roof surface in addition two dormers, which must be covered with. The work is carried out by a specialized thatch roofer on site.

Demolition old roof and disposal880 EUR
Cover the roof area12,600 EUR
Cover dormers, shape gutters2,800 euros
total cost16,280 euros


Keep in mind that for each building, the cost may vary due to local conditions, and there may be differences between craft companies and craft companies. In addition, with the few craftsmen specializing in thatched roof covering, a favorable overall price can often be negotiated.

What costs are incurred for a thatched roof?: costs


Thatched roofs are relatively expensive compared to other roof coverings. In addition there are the necessary additional costs:

  • Fire protection measures
  • appropriate fire insurance (usually associated with very high costs, mandatory
    more expensive versions of roof parts necessary
  • Care for the roof
  • In the future (for repairs), in some cases significantly higher prices for imported reeds can be expected
  • Low-specialized roofers could also increase costs for care and repairs in the future

The durability of a thatched roof today is around 30 - 50 years when properly performed. In general, a (new) covering with reeds is worthwhile even today, if one is prepared to accept the possible higher consequential and additional costs.

Cost of possibly additional work required

In the thatched roof, you always have to reckon with possible additional work that may be required. We have put together here what works in detail and what they can cost.

Renewal of the decay

Also thatched roofs are made with classic battens. The battens need to be renewed only if the batten distances are not right, or the battens are no longer intact. In this case, you can expect around 8 - 11 EUR per m² roof area. In our cost example that would be about 900 - 1.300 EUR at additional costs.

Production of a fire-proof construction

Modern thatched roofs are today designed as a ventilated cold roof, earlier constructions were often warm roofs. In order to ensure sufficient structural fire protection, today fire protection panels are often additionally installed, which should reduce the risk of fire technically. Depending on the type and quality of these panels, this construction can cost 40 - 50 EUR per m² to ensure fire safety. The reefer houses very expensive fire insurance in spite of such constructions usually but not much cheaper.

roof insulation

Thatched roofs naturally absorb very well. If additional insulation is desired, natural products are usually used, such as

  • Hemp or flax
  • reed plates
  • ev. but also mineral wool

It is important that the melting point of the materials used is above 600° C, due to the increased risk of fire. For hemp fiber mats rated 0.040 for thermal performance, the costs for a 180 cm thick mat are around 25-35 EUR / m², whereas for mineral wool with a rated heat output of 0.032, the costs are around 30-40 EUR / m². Higher levels of insulation then lead to higher costs.

Sewn thatched roof

In order to increase the durability of the thatched roof, instead of the bound thatched roof variant, a so-called "stitched" construction method can also be used. This significantly increases the time required to attach the reed, and costs increase. Conversely, a bolted thatched roof can again reduce the time required significantly, and thus lead to slightly lower costs. Overall, therefore, three ways of construction are common

  • bolted thatched roof (very cost effective, as very time-saving attachment, easier repairs, lower repair costs)
  • tied thatched roof (traditional attachment, slightly more time, slightly higher costs)
  • Sewn thatched roof (attachment by means of a wire through the reed bundles, higher durability, very high time and effort, significantly more expensive)

First design

The ridge design can also be carried out very differently:

  • traditional design with heather or thatch
  • traditional design with sods
  • Ridge design with corrugated sheets
  • Ridge design with clay tiles
  • First design with copper

Depending on the type of ridge design and the local availability and dissemination of traditional materials, the costs for ridge design can be quite different.

Conservative factors

  • cheaper and simpler window design
  • Plastic windows
  • less elaborate dormer shape
  • Abandonment of lattice window

Increasing factors

  • aluminum windows
  • wood windows
  • Echtversprosste window
  • Window with special functions
  • additional parts, such as shutters, etc.
  • Roofs outside the regular roof pitch
  • Roofs with high-quality coverings (must be continued on the dormer)

Saving opportunities through self-construction or personal contribution

Reed blankets not only needs a good physical condition but above all a lot of skill and experience in dealing with the material. There are also the high roof pitches that are necessary for thatched roofs. Even a help on the roof under the guidance of a thatched roofer is therefore often hardly possible. In individual cases, however, one can possibly agree on one or the other assistance with an agreement on prices.


Funding for the renovation of a thatched roof can vary. In listed buildings there is also the possibility of funding by the monument protection authority. More information about possible funding can be found in our general funding overview.

Tips & Tricks

If your thatched roof needs to be renewed, consider whether you will be willing to pay the subsequent costs of the thatched roof and the high risk of fire in the future. Hard roofs (the cost can be found here) can often be the long term less problematic and cheaper option, but also have much less charm.

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