What are the costs of building a plasterboard wall?

The costs for a plasterboard wall are composed of material and wages. Do-it-yourselfers may incur costs for new tools instead of labor costs. How expensive is the plasterboard wall?

Structure of a plasterboard wall

The Rigipswand, also known as drywall or stud wall, consists first of all of a stud work, which is freely built in the room or screwed in front of a wall.

This "skeleton" then receives heat and / or sound insulation and is finally covered with light plasterboard. Then beautification work is still on, such as the filling of the surface, the treatment with Tiefgrund, the painting or wallpapering.

Extra costs for the plasterboard wall for increased workload

  • Breakthroughs through the drywall, for windows, doors or a hatch, make the work more expensive.
  • A plasterboard wall that is supposed to carry heavy loads is particularly expensive: how about a sink, for example?
  • Special fire protection requirements entail additional costs.
  • Does the drywall maker also do the putty work? This item increases your bill.
  • Do you still need to pull power cables through the wall and install sockets? The electrician works are added to the basic costs.

Guide values ​​for the price of a plasterboard wall

The price for a simple, double-sided plasterboard wall without extras is calculated on the basis of the area, so per square meter. Some companies take between 40 and 70 EUR per square meter of drywall, which makes 375 to 875 EUR for 5 m wall.

Own work also saves a lot of money in this case, in this case, pure material costs. Expect at least 3 to 4 EUR for one square meter of plasterboard, also plan for waste.

You get metal profiles for the stud frame for about 2 to 5 EUR per running meter, whereby you need 20 meters profile for a 3 x 5 m large area. In addition, there is still possible insulation material and small material such as dowels and screws.

Your self-made plasterboard costs you about 20 to 40 EUR per square meter, depending on which material you choose to build.

Rigipswand from the expert: a cost example

A homeowner wants to divide his attic space into two rooms, for which he has a double-walled plasterboard wall erected. The new wall is 5 mx 2.50 m and soundproofed.

Cost overviewprice
1. Stands and plasterboard330 EUR
2. Small material50 EUR
2. Approach of the drywall60 EUR
3. Labor costs315 EUR
total755 EUR

Do painting work yourself - and save money

The subsequent painting work is a clever handyman easily from the hand, with own work you save a lot of money. Fill, prime, paint: done!

Tips & Tricks

If you ask for a specific company for specific prices, always ask for a list of included services. Only on this basis you can compare prices!

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