What are the differences between a solid and a prefabricated house?

When you think about building a house, have you ever asked yourself the question: solid or prefabricated house? Where exactly the differences lie and whether the prefabricated house is really much cheaper, you will find out in the following article.

Probably the biggest difference: the construction period

Thanks to modern technology and efficient working methods, the shell of a prefabricated house can be erected in one to two days. Of course, a solid house is not enough for a comparable construction period: the classic "stone on stone" construction takes about eight months on average, and this time can vary greatly.

In both constructions, however, an interior must be made so that the house is ever habitable. This usually takes eight to twelve weeks and has no significant differences in the two types.

What are the differences between a solid and a prefabricated house?: house

Another extension of the construction time is a cellar, where you should allow for about three to four weeks. So you see: Although the shell of a solid house takes much longer than the prefabricated version, but this takes a few weeks, until you can move in.

The price difference is limited

Since building a house is a serious investment, the price of course plays a major role. The widespread assumption is that prefabricated houses are considerably cheaper than solid houses due to their quick construction time and a "thinner" structure. But increasing individuality and ever higher quality standards are causing price increases in the prefabricated construction industry.

Because, let's be honest: Would you really enjoy a new house, which is already in the same form several times? Because prefabricated houses look barren "off the peg", more and more customers are turning to more personal variants. As a result, the price rises partly clear and in many cases already quite close to solid house prices.

In addition to the house itself incidental costs are incurred in both variants, which do not differ in price. Whether land, development or "paperwork" - here can be saved at the prefabricated house really nothing.

Loss of living comfort?

Often there is talk of reduced sound and heat protection in prefabricated houses, but is that true? The basic structure of the prefabricated house, a wooden structure with walls and ceilings mounted on it, is generally not as insulating as the solid construction. However, the prefabricated house manufacturers are working on ever newer methods to remedy this weakness.

Thus, the reinforcement of the shell by solid elements such as concrete or brick is popular. In order to optimize the thermal insulation, special insulation is applied. This is an attempt to come as close as possible to the exemplary isolation of the massive house from the ground up.

Differences in advanced home automation?

The installation of a photovoltaic system or a new, efficient heating system are usually meaningful investments to live in an environmentally friendly and cost-saving. However, there are no significant differences between solid and prefabricated house.


The following overview serves to illustrate the differences between prefabricated and solid construction again.

  • Construction time of the shell at the massive house considerably higher, weeks of interior work or basement construction but do not differ in time.
  • Price difference is shrinking, because the prefabricated building with increasing individuality is also more expensive.
  • Living comfort in the massive house basically higher, with modern prefabricated houses equipped with many measures to improve living comfort
    can be.
  • Installation of modern building technology in both types of houses easily possible.

Tips & Tricks

Let the expert advise you when it comes to the decision of the construction method. In each case, the chances of saving on prefabricated construction are different. If you can save costs, you should not exclude either of the two types.

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