What are the operating costs of a detached house?

After the construction or purchase of your family home, the costs are far from over. This article uses an example to show you how much operating costs are coming to you and how you can save running costs.

The different cost points

The total operating costs of your single-family house are composed of various individual costs. These include not only heating, water or electricity, but also insurance, property tax and garbage disposal. Almost all of these costs, except things like property tax, can affect you yourself. The following example shows how high the monthly operating costs of an average single-family home can be.

The example

For our example, we take a detached house with a total living area of ​​140 square meters. The calculated costs per square meter are about the German average and can of course vary greatly.

What are the operating costs of a detached house?: operating

Calculation of operating costs

Cost overviewprice
1. Heating costs / sqm / month0,85 EUR
2. Water, sewage / sqm / month0,45 EUR
3. Hot water / sqm / month0,25 EUR
4. Property tax / sqm / month0,20 EUR
5. Garbage disposal, street cleaning / sqm / month0,25 EUR
6. Insurance / sqm / month0.15 EUR
7. Other0,10 EUR
total2,25 EUR / sq.m / month

With a floor space of 140 square meters, this results in monthly operating costs of 315 euros.

How can you save operating costs?

As can be seen in the example, the heating costs cause most of the operating costs of a detached house. Investing in a modern, efficient heating system and, above all, good insulation helps to keep operating costs down. The initial investment will pay off quickly.

Another important factor is your lifestyle. Pay attention to the lowest possible energy consumption in everyday life, this is clearly noticeable on the bills. For home insurance, a comparison is recommended to find the cheapest possible partner.

Tips & Tricks

Intelligent building services can save you a lot of energy and thus reduce operating costs. Automatic shut-off systems ensure that you save at the right places when not in use. Again, the rule shows that the investments pay off.

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