Which prices apply to Douglas fir planks?

Douglas fir is still a popular and relatively inexpensive wood for building a wooden deck. What prices you have to expect for decking made of Douglas fir wood, and what comparable wood species can cost, you will find in detail in this post. In addition also some further price-relevant conditions in relation to the individual types of wood.

Basic price differences in decking

SpeciesPrice per m2
Douglas20 - 25 EUR per m²
bamboo60 - 70 EUR per m²
Thermo Ash60 - 70 EUR per m²
WPC (wood-plastic composite)40 - 45 EUR per m²

Already in the hardware stores one sees the price differences clearly. Decking made of Douglas fir wood is usually around 20 - 25 EUR per m² in usual standard dimensions, while the high-quality and noble woods, such as thermal ash or bamboo at well three times the price (around 60 - 70 EUR per m²) are. Douglas fir is so comparatively cheap. Even the very cheap and durable WPC material is barely under 40 EUR per m² to get.

Price differences depending on the design

Douglas fir floorboards are available in many different shapes and sizes in the trade. Popular are the fluted variants, which most manufacturers as "non-slip" price. However, they are often harder to clean and the corrugation can help to hide mistakes and quality defects in the wood.

Also, the processing of the edges and the floorboard shape have an impact on the price. Thus, even between individual floorboards price differences of 1.20 EUR per meter up to about 3.20 EUR per meter with the same plank size may well occur.

Douglas fir compared to other types of wood

If you compare Douglas fir with popular tropical woods, like Bangkirai you can not just see the price alone. It also depends on other factors, such as:

  • the natural durability of the wood ("service life" according to DIN 68 364)
  • the resilience of the wood
  • the hardness of the boards (the harder a wood, the less tightly the substructure has to be created)

These factors also play a role in the calculation. Bangkirai planks or planks of keruing usually cost between 50 and 60 EUR per m², but also have a much higher hardness and a nearly twice as long "life" according to the DIN. This difference in natural durability can only be partially compensated by Douglas fir protection.

Here you will find all types of wood at a glance

Tips & Tricks

Especially with Douglasia woodworks a price comparison and the search for special offers or remaining stock is worthwhile in any case. The prices can be more than 50% cheaper for individual plank types and special items.

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