What are the prices for smoke detectors based on?

In the hardware store there are smoke detectors already for a price below 5 EUR per piece to buy, but how safe are such devices in case of fire? Do higher-priced models really have more to offer?

What do low-cost smoke detectors do?

Smoke detectors, which serve the fire protection in private dwellings, must carry in Germany the DIN EN 14604 accordingly and additionally a CE mark. Thus, even inexpensive devices in the range of 3 to 10 euros meet the legal requirements.

Such devices, when mounted and ready to use in the right places, provide reliable alarms in the event of a fire. In addition, at least 30 days before discharging the batteries, they must emit a warning tone, which usually manifests itself in a regular beeping.

The prices for smoke detectors with special features

Most higher priced devices offer practical additional features that can be of great use in everyday life. Thus, they meet higher demands and are also suitable for use in special areas. Here are some examples of such special features:

  • a radio interface for networking with other devices
  • Bi-sensor technology for detecting smoke and heat
  • Self-monitoring with fault indication
  • Insect screens on the smoke chamber prevent false alarms
  • Mute switch against unwanted alarm

Devices with these and other product features cost significantly more in purchase. The prices for such smoke detectors are between 20 and 150 EUR, depending on the manufacturer and version.

Cost example: Prices for smoke detectors in a tenement

The owner of a tenement buys smoke detectors for all five apartments. He creates 24 simple appliances for € 4 each, plus 10 more expensive models for the kitchens, the laundry room and the boiler room.

Cost overviewprice
1. 24 simple smoke detectors96 EUR
2. 10 devices with additional functions400 EUR
total496 EUR

Cheap and expensive devices "mix"

Anyone who has to equip a whole house with smoke detectors will pay several hundred or thousand EUR with high-priced equipment. Therefore, it is worthwhile to install expensive devices only where they are really needed - and otherwise resort to cheap models.

Tips & Tricks

Please observe the valid law in your federal state for smoke detector duty!

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