Which regulations apply to balcony railings?

Balcony railings are not just for decoration, they should protect first and foremost. For this reason, the legislature has issued various regulations governing, for example, the height and spacing of railings. In the first part of our series on balcony railing we deal with these requirements, because they should be included in the planning right from the start.

Where are the regulations for balcony railing set?

The state building regulations of the individual federal states deal with the regulations for balcony railings. In this way, it comes about that there are different regulations in different areas of Germany.

In addition to the actual norm values, the laws also have special agreements, for example in school construction and in railings at workplaces. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a knowledgeable person, such as an architect or civil engineer.

Pay attention to strut and ground clearance!

If the balcony railing has vertical struts or other design shapes with openings, then under no circumstances should a child's head fit through. As a rule, the legislator provides for a clear dimension of 12 cm, which must not be exceeded.

Also below the railing no space may arise, which is big enough for a child's head. Again, 12 cm is high enough! However, there is a possibility that the state building code of your state indicates a lower value, so that no objects can fall down.

Avoid ladder effect - what does that mean?

The ladder effect results from the fact that horizontal railing elements invite you to climb up on the parapet. In most state building regulations, the rule is that this effect should be avoided, especially so that no children climb onto the railing.

If the ladder effect is forbidden, then this also applies to flats and houses where no small children live. This also applies to legal regulations that serve to keep children's feet from any gutters on the balcony.

How high must the balcony railing be?

The individual state building regulations also provide different regulations for the required railing heights. The lowest measure here is 90 cm, but only in the private sector, under 12 m fall height and not in all federal states.

The height of the railing is measured from the base plate, where the feet of the balcony user stand. Many railings are now anchored below the balcony slab, in this case added to the specified centimeters nor the length of the anchoring located in the ground.

The lowest railing height is particularly often given as 110 cm, in some federal states it is also 120 cm. The German forest is difficult to see, especially in the area of ​​balcony railings.

In the second part of our series on balcony railing, we explain how to mount your railing professionally.

Tips & Tricks

The local construction office provides information about the regulations applicable to your project!

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