What is the weight of a microwave and where does it cause problems?

If you want to set up a microwave, sometimes the weight can be problematic. This may be the case with some planned locations. How difficult microwaves are and where this may cause problems is discussed in this article.

Weight of microwaves

Commercially available devices for home use (no gastro-microwaves) weigh in simple designs usually about 15 kg. Devices with higher functionality or larger cooking chamber can also be significantly heavier, often over 20 kg and up to 30 kg. With such weights

Depending on where you want to set up the microwave, you must therefore consider the weight. This can be, for example:

  • on another device (for example, on a stand-up refrigerator
  • using a hanging attachment
  • with angles below a cabinet
  • in a shelf or cabinet

Microwave on the fridge

The top edge of a freestanding refrigerator can be used as a storage area, but this plate is not always as stable as it looks. For individual refrigerators 25 kg can already be too much. The maximum weight allowed here is usually specified by the manufacturer of the refrigerator in the operating instructions.

suspended fixtures

A microwave can also be easily attached below the wall cabinets. It is important to pay attention to a few points.

  • the attachment must be designed for the weight (many attachments are designed for maximum weights of only 30 kg, here there is often little room for heavy microwaves)
  • the fastening material must be stable enough
  • the respective wall unit must be so strong that it can absorb the additional weight (this is not always the case)
  • there must be no venting of the microwave upwards, as this would be hindered by the kitchen cabinet (overheating and fire hazard)

Many of these problems can be avoided with a free wall mounting. It can usually be mounted well stable and secure, and a majority of such fasteners has a load capacity of 50 - 70 kg, which is certainly sufficient. Through the mounting point you can easily comply with the prescribed ventilation distances.

Tips & Tricks

The easiest way is, of course, to mount an additional shelf stably on the wall, or simply place the microwave on a small shelf on the worktop (also available for screens). Then it remains usable space underneath, and the microwave is securely and stably fixed.

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