What can I do if the fridge is too cold?

The vegetables freeze in the fridge, as well as the milk or the orange juice? This is not the purpose of this device, which should make chilled goods quick and easy to access. If turning down the thermostat is not blessed with success, it's time to search for causes. What's wrong in the fridge?

What are the reasons for a too cold fridge?

The first look of course, the thermostat, which should be in normal warm environment to about 2 to 4. The highest setting already means freezing for many refrigerators!

Once you shut down your fridge, after a while check the temperature in the middle compartment, which should be at least 7 degrees Celsius. If the warmest attitude does not help, then there must be another problem.

Maybe the refrigerator is so iced up that the cooling is running permanently, or the device is in a too warm place and reacts with overcooling? Thaw the refrigerator once and position it cooler.

The refrigerator only ices on the back wall?

Are the iced foods all on the back wall of the refrigerator? Then this is because the back wall area is usually the coldest zone, which should be kept as free as possible for a good cooling distribution.

Move your food a bit forward and always keep your distance to the rear wall. Never pack the contents of the fridge too tightly so that the air inside can circulate well.

Take note of the individual temperature zones when storing and store perishable foods in the lower, coldest compartment. The vegetables belong in the designated drawers and the drinks are best in the door.

The fridge becomes too cold due to a technical defect

If everything does not help, there is a high probability of a technical defect that makes the refrigerator too cold. These two options exist:

  • Refrigerator gets too cold because the thermostat is broken
  • Refrigerator becomes too cold because the temperature sensor stops working

In both cases, a professional repair is needed, which unfortunately can be quite expensive. If it is an older refrigerator, we recommend buying an energy-saving new model instead.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, do not place a microwave or coffee machine on your fridge, because even small electrical appliances generate heat. If not, use a backing of insulating cork to block the heat.

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