What can I do if the fridge freezes?

Cucumbers become soggy due to freezing, so you better put them in the fridge. But even there it can happen that the cucumber comes out frozen - although in the interior temperatures of well over 0 degrees prevail. Other foods also freeze in the fridge sometimes, not to mention the layers of ice that form on the inner walls: How can you avoid the fridge freezes?

Note the distribution of cold in the refrigerator!

In refrigerators, there is no uniform distribution of cold, but there are different temperature zones. The actual cooling is usually on the back wall of the interior, in refrigerators with ice cube compartment, however, in the upper area.

If your cucumber slips right into the back of the fridge, it will come into direct contact with the cold zone and inevitably freeze. Salad heads and other fresh foods are hit the same fate, even drinks in Tetrapaks freeze in places.

In the said cooling zone also form the ice layers, which must be defrosted regularly. In the worst case, food really freezes here and can only be solved by defrosting.

The solution: So nothing freezes in your fridge!

The easiest way to prevent food from freezing in the refrigerator, of course, is to stop pushing the products to the cooling zone. Overall, the refrigerator contents should always be stored with a certain distance to the rear wall.

Only if the back wall remains free, the air in the refrigerator can circulate freely and the cold is distributed. You can support this process by always leaving some space between the stored foods.

Of course, increasing indoor temperatures will also cause food to freeze less quickly, but this measure can not completely solve the problem: the cooling zone is and always will be icy cold.

Tips & Tricks

If the refrigerator door is regularly left open for a long time or the seals of the unit are broken, the cooling must be running at full speed. The temperature of the cooling zone drops even further than normal, the refrigerator freezes very strong.

Be sure to open your refrigerator door for only a very short time and quickly close it again. Regularly check and clean all gaskets: this also keeps power consumption low.

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