How can you cut acrylic glass?

Acrylic glass can be processed differently. In particular, the mechanical processing options are really diverse. One of the basic processing techniques is the cutting or sawing of acrylic glass. What you have to consider when cutting and sawing acrylic glass, you will find in the following guide article.

The cutting of acrylic glass with a knife

Basically, the statement is true that acrylic is poor or impossible to cut at all. If it can even be worked with a cutting tool such as a knife, then only very thin acrylic glass with a very sharp cutter knife (also Stanley knife or carpet knife).

For this you need a metal strip where you can put the knife on the acrylic. Now pull through the acrylic glass. Maybe even several times until you have cut the acrylic between a third and a half (in strength). Now you can break it on the edge. However, you will need to rework and sand the edge accordingly.

Cut acrylic glass with saws

When talking about "acrylic glass cutting", it usually means sawing as well. In rare cases, it can also be the acrylic glass lasers.

When cutting acrylic glass with a saw, the basic properties of PMMA must always be taken into account. This implies that machining techniques have to be used during machining. This applies to the acrylic milling as well as for cutting or sawing.

Saws for cutting acrylic glass

You can use different saws for working with acrylic glass. In particular, the following saws are well suited for cutting or sawing acrylic glass:

  • table saw
  • Handkreissäge
  • Dip saw (also a circular saw)
  • Miter and chop saw
  • jigsaw
  • fine toothed handsaws

Table saw and diving saw

Table saw and diving saw are among the saws that are the best way to cut acrylic glass. The speed should be well above 1,000 rpm. At very high speeds, cooling is also important. The specialist trade offers various products for cooling plastics when cutting, sawing or drilling. The advantage of the circular saws: even a large number of acrylic sheets or components can be cut exactly within a very short time.

Cut the acrylic glass with the jigsaw

In the case of the jigsaw, the highest speed must always be set. In addition, the pendulum must be switched off necessarily. The cutting of acrylic glass is however somewhat time consuming. You can also cut curved, curved or circular edges. However, with many parts to be machined, the jigsaw is not fast enough.

Saw acrylic glass with a hand saw

Of course, sawing with a hand saw is even more time-consuming. The following saws can be used for cutting:

  • finely toothed foxtail with laterally unlocated teeth (not entangled)
  • fine-toothed iron saw
  • Fretsaw (fine teeth)

However, it is almost impossible to ensure a consistently straight cut with a hand saw, especially in large sections of acrylic bodies. Repairs in the form of polishing and grinding acrylic glass is therefore absolutely necessary.

Saw blade properties for acrylic - regardless of the type of saw

But you see above all, with all handsaws, it is important that the saw blade is correspondingly fine-toothed. But that also applies to the machine saws. The teeth should be fine, also not entangled, so set laterally outward. For all saws there are saw blades, which are especially suitable for plastic. These saw blades meet these requirements. In addition, however, numerous multi-material saw blades are also suitable for cutting acrylic glass.

Tips & Tricks

Under "Pour acrylic glass" we also describe how you can dissolve and re-pour acrylic glass even in a dilution. Instead of pouring, you can also paint and coat the dissolved acrylic. If you paint a cloudy and milky cutting edge of your acrylic glass, this surface will be crystal clear again.

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