Which color suits my staircase?

A staircase in a friendly look is like a welcome. In addition to the materials, the colors used in the room contribute to the pleasant atmosphere. They should not only correspond to the personal taste, but also consider the overall effect to be achieved. Narrow, lightless staircases require a different color scheme than spacious, bright rooms. We give an overview.

The right color scheme for the staircase

Many staircase walls are simply painted white, here shows little individuality and creativity. If you would like to make this room more personal and modern, you can use the colorful paint pot and give the walls a completely new touch.

You should keep an important rule in mind: Bright colors make a room appear larger, darken it more. A generous staircase can certainly tolerate a strong wall paint, possibly alternating with a cream tone.

The narrow staircase, which may even have little sunlight, benefits from the brightest possible painting in white and delicate pastel shades. Bright yellow conveys more warmth than pure white, because it reminds us of the warm rays of the sun.

Cool colors - or warm?

Warm colors convey comfort, tranquility and a certain domestic peace. Too much of them, however, seems rather heavy, stressful and bleak. Cool colors, on the other hand, stimulate the senses, cheer us up, but can also be repellent and sterile.

  • strong primary red (use only well dosed)
  • Deep claret (best contrasting with bright areas)
  • cheerful orange (tinted as bright as possible)
  • Mediterranean terracotta (very popular as Lasurton)
  • Sun yellow for summery warmth
  • Lemon yellow as a slightly cooler, fresh variant
  • fresh light blue reminiscent of the sky
  • Delicate lime green has a touch of warmth due to the yellow part
  • deep azure as a contrast to bright areas
  • White, suitable as an all-rounder for all walls

Stroke the staircase - which color is suitable?

Use a high-quality emulsion paint that covers well and is resistant to abrasion. But it pays to spend a little more money, because with a cheap color you probably have to cut in several layers and take a reduced durability in purchasing.

Tips & Tricks

For much used staircases, a coat of latex paint is highly recommended: This color is particularly hard-wearing and easy to clean. It is easy to clean wet and usually lasts many years.

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