Which color is suitable for painting the house

Basically, the personal taste is decisive for the selection of color. However, other external factors do not always make the decision easy. Location, type of house and neighborhood influence as well as roof type, window type and character of the property.

There is every color from subtle to intense

Nowadays, it can be assumed that almost every conceivable color shade is also available as exterior plaster paint. The choice is no longer a technical or commercial limit. All the more so with the supply fullness the personal assessment most importantly.

While bright and restrained colors like white, gray or beige match any type of roof, intense colors are dominant. An eye-catching chimney-red or sea-blue can at worst "bite" with a clay-colored tile roof. Gray or black-roofed roofs even tolerate extravagant colors such as purple, pink or turquoise.

Which color is suitable for painting the house: painting

External influences

Among the colors that look warm on the sensation are yellow to red gradations of color. These include orange and brown. When cold are perceived bluish shades into the green. For example, while turquoise looks cold, a rich and dark grass green can also be warm.

There are many factors involved in choosing a façade color for the home. Many builders or homeowners go through the individual aspects in turn. Each dot is matched with eligible colors. If necessary, colors are sorted out that do not match individual outer aspects.

  • Is the house alone or in the neighborhood network?
  • Which colors do the neighboring houses have?
  • What is the ratio of closed wall surfaces to window glazing?
  • How many oriels, projections and dormers does the house have?
  • Is the property planted with tall and tall plants like trees?
  • What material and color are window and door frames made of?
  • How conspicuous or inconspicuous should the house be?

If there is a close proximity to other houses, or if it is a terraced house or a semi-detached house, the color selection should be discussed with the neighbors. Quite a few disputes have been ignited in the choice of facade color.

Tips & Tricks

Some manufacturers and retailers offer online configurators on the Internet. With this tool, a picture of your own home can be digitally colored and the visual impact can be assessed.