Which color is suitable for painting a wooden house

In order for the painting to protect a wooden house as long and as well as possible, it is important to choose the right color. In the interior, especially health aspects play a role. Outside, the wood needs to be protected from several risks. In addition to the technical maintenance function, the color should of course cause an attractive appearance.

Covering or transparent

When painting wood on a wooden house, the finish of the paint and the colors, paints, glazes or oils used for it are determined first. In addition to the outer or inner layer and the hybrid of an unfinished roof truss, the question arises as to the difference between lacquer and glaze.

The glaze is a non-opaque color, which leaves natural grain and textures of the wood visible. A similar function have oils. Glazes can influence color tones and the brightness or darkness of the wood through the incorporation of color pigments. They can not completely discolor.

Lacquers are used to paint beams and wood surfaces to give a completely new "skin". They form according to their hue an opaque coating during painting and can also lighten darker initial shades, for example, when whitening of wooden beams.

Paint outside

When the roof or facade of a wooden house is painted, the glaze or paint must prevent rainfall dampening, potential insect infestation, UV light and fungal infestation such as mold. The outer layer allows solvent-based paints and glazes:

  • Alkydharzlackfarben
  • dispersion coatings

Lacquers and varnishes with wood preservation contain toxic biocides. They must only be used to the least extent possible for species of wood in need. Non-thermally treated spruce, pine, larch and fir need protection. As an alternative to
Brushing the outer wooden beams can also be allowed to unevenness the blueing development, which forms a protective patina by weathering.

Paint inside

In order to paint a wooden house on the inside, solvent-free water-based paints are recommended in addition to glazes based on linseed oil. In order to maintain the pleasant indoor climate and the health of the wood, products with vapor permeability should be used.

Tips & Tricks

Opinions differ on the question of how often a wooden house has to be painted. We recommend you as a time target one coat every six to eight years.

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