What are the incidental costs of a detached house?

You have built your house, the construction costs are fixed and the credit can now be settled. But in terms of cost is still far from closing. In this article, we present you the additional costs of the family house, which you should definitely take into account.

The operating costs

The probably most important, permanently existing costs of your single-family house lie in the enterprise, which covers not only heating and electricity, but also water, drainage as well as garbage disposal, street cleaning and other costs. You can influence most, but not all, costs yourself: electricity and water consumption depend on your lifestyle as well as the way you heat it.

Other ancillary costs are fixed, but can change indefinitely: this includes the property tax, all insurances of your house as well as minor costs, for example for the chimney sweep or possibly for garden maintenance. Not to mention: Telephone, Internet and TV fees, where you can save significantly using a price comparison.

What are the incidental costs of a detached house?: costs

Initial costs

When or immediately after the house construction or purchase costs more than in the time after. This includes any brokerage costs, the payment of the notary and the costs of the land register entry. Also removal costs should be considered. When you buy an older house, there are additional refurbishment costs, which can also be expensive.

Example of running costs

Of course, the operating costs of a detached house can vary greatly depending on the region. The following example gives an average, monthly calculation, the respective costs per square meter are calculated. Then we summarize the total costs for a living area of ​​120 square meters.


Cost overviewprice
1. heating costs0,80 EUR / sq m / month
2. Water / wastewater0,45 EUR / sq.m. / month
3. hot water0,25 EUR / sq m / month
4. Property tax0,20 EUR / sqm / month
5. Insurance0,20 EUR / sqm / month
6. Garbage disposal0,15 EUR / sq.m. / month
7. Other charges0,10 EUR / sqm / month
total2,15 EUR / sq.m. / month

With a living space of 120 square meters, monthly additional costs of 258.00 Euro are incurred.

Save on additional costs

For most additional costs, you have an influence on the amount of the sums. Not only for insurance, but also for electricity and heating, you can compare the prices to find the cheapest provider. Your living style also has a major impact on these costs: if you permanently save energy, this will make a significant difference in terms of costs.

Tips & Tricks

Find out about their charges on the Internet or with friends, acquaintances or neighbors and possible tips to save money. Sometimes this is more helpful than hiring an expert, so there are no costs.

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